Part 2 : Fred M’membe is wrong; President Hichilema is a Statesman!


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Social/Political Analyst

As the wind of change swept across the continent in the early 1990s, we would see a buoyant MMD finally dislodge the once-dominant UNIP from power after a scintillating election that would leave Kenneth Kaunda stunned!

President Fredrick Chiluba would proceed to construct a team with representation from every corner of the land: Vice president – Levy Mwanawasa (Copperbelt); Minister without portfolio – Godfrey Miyanda (Eastern); Finance – Emmanuel Kasonde (Northern); Defence – Benny Mwila (Northern); Home Affairs – Chitalu Sampa (Northern); Labour – Newstead Zimba (Eastern); Foreign – Vernon Mwaanga (Southern); Legal affairs – Rodger Chongwe (Eastern); Local government & Housing – Michael Sata (Northern); Health – Boniface Kawimbe (Northern); Information – Stan Kristafor (Minority group); Commerce & Industry – Ronald Penza (Northern); Mines – Humphrey Mulemba (N/western).

Readers may recall that although the Eastern province had literally rejected MMD and overwhelmingly voted for UNIP, Chiluba would still appoint a good number of people from the region as full cabinet ministers notably among them, Lt. Gen. Tembo, Br. Gen. Miyanda and of course, his colleague from the labour movement, Newstead Zimba etc.

Following the botched 3rd term campaign, Levy Mwanawasa would emerge victorious amidst protests and complaints of widespread rigging from the main opposition at the time, the United Party for National Development. Although certain sections of society would waste no time lampooning the new cabinet as a “Family Tree”; in reality, Mwanawasa had gone out of his way to allocate positions fairly, including those from the regions where he was out-rightly rejected such as his vice – Lupando Mwape, a Northerner. The rest of the notable cabinet ministers were as follows: Finance – Ngandu Magande (Southern); Defence – George Mpombo (Copperbelt); Home Affairs – Ronnie Shikapwasha (Central); Foreign Affairs – Kabinga Pande (N/western); Legal Affairs – George Kunda (Central); Local Government & Housing – Benny Tetamashimba (N/western); Information – Vernon Mwaanga (Southern); Commerce & Industry – Felix Mutati (Northern); Secretary to the cabinet – Leslie Mbula (Copperbelt).

And when his deputy, Rupiah Banda, stepped into his shoes following his sudden demise outside the country he obviously had to effect changes to the cabinet to prove he was his own man by roping in his loyalists: Vice President – George Kunda (Central); Finance – Situmbeko Musokotwane (Western); Defence – Kalombo Mwansa (Luapula); Home Affairs – Lameck Mangani (Eastern); Foreign affairs – Kabinga Pande (N/western); Legal – George Kunda (Central); Local government & housing – Benny Tetamashimba (N/western); Mines – Kalombo Mwansa (Northern) Information – Ronnie Shikapwasha (Central); Commerce & industry – Felix Mutati (Northern); Health – Kapembwa Simbao (Northern); Secretary to the cabinet – Joshua Kanganja (N/western).

It’s clear from the above that almost all the provinces were represented in this cabinet.


  1. This author is just a f00lish upnd cadre with no manners or any sanity. This is why I slap you people. Sometimes you need the f00lishness slapped out of you.

    I am here drinking a 40 year old whisky. Have a chilled weekend.

    • F in F00lishness stands for Front. Next time you write, please add ” pure” F00lishness so that you complete the initials of your Party.

  2. Kapinga just shut up. Are you trying to correct the mistakes you made in your part one? I wont read this Yaaaaaaaaawwwn!

    • Yes but you will find his name among the Tonga too just like Siliya. That’s why tribalists are fighting a losing battle trying to divide us when our origin s are one.

  3. Whilst FRED IS AN 1D10T
    He is in one way correct
    The writer Should understand you dont become a statesman overnight

  4. In assigning people to provinces based on their names or surnames the writer is being shallow. Iam Tembo so you will say Iam from Eastern Province?? No ways my father was born in Mufulira and I was born in Ndola. I ve only been to the Eastern Province once in my life so this tribal balancing thing may work for small minds trying to satisfy themselves about the importance of their tribe but its fake consolation

  5. What is this man trying to convey?
    Chiluba had Bemba outnumbering all other appointees. Rupiab Banda recycled Mwanawasa’s appointees plus his Easterners and one lozi who was weakling to help him achieve his enriching himself and his lobbying children. Musokotwane was the most wild ng minister to dance to Bandai’s tune. My ex Indian employers benefit the most thogh shoddy deals and budget changes that he brought in .
    I am already seeing hesane trend in current statehouse. Shift is Anglo Americans, white south aricans, British and Americans.

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