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Govt signs hosting AU summit


Government has signed a host agreement of the Fourth African Union ( A.U ) Coordination Summit with the African Union (AU) Commission which is slated for 14thto 17th July,2022.

Speaking during the signing ceremony at Mulungushi International Conference center today in Lusaka, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo indicated that the summit will bring together 13 heads of state and government.

Mr. Kakubo explains out of the 13 heads of states and government, five heads of state and government form the bureau of assembly of the AU and eight heads of state and government chair eight regional economic communities on the continent.

The summit will be preceded by the 41st ordinary session of the executive council from 14th to 15th July, 2022 and it will be attended by the Foreign Ministers of all 55 member states of the African Union.

The event will allow Zambia to build a solid foundation of cooperation with countries on the continent based on shared history and values, respect for the rule of law and rule-based multilateralism.

‘’The last time Zambia hosted a meeting of the African Union was in 2001,in this regard this event is an important undertaking as the country has not hosted a meeting of this magnitude in a long time.
“ It is absolutely crucial that Zambia takes advantage of this opportunity to promote our beautiful country, our hospitality and numerous opportunities in Tourism, Trade and investment among other areas,’’ noted Mr.Kakubo.

Government has been seized with preparations for the summit and the process is being facilitated by the ministerial organizing committee which is chaired by the minister of Foreign Affairs.

And the AU Commission Ambassador Ratebaye Tordeta congratulated the government of Zambia for accepting to host the AU summit and for the satisfactory work so far following assessment by the AU team.

Dr. Tordeta added that the AU is also ready in terms of preparedness and all pending issues will be finalized soon.

‘’For us all the pending issues will be finalized as soon as possible. On behalf of the team, may you convey our deep gratitude to President Hakainde Hichilema,’’ said Dr. Tordeta.


  1. You can freely invite people and host summits because we built good infrastructure during our rule. Continue enjoying our hard work

  2. Foolish KZ jst shout up, ni piya shakwa wiso or for the Zambians. Useless, ad who appointed u to serve the Zambians is fool like yourself, wht a waste of time.

  3. Those presidents will all stay in the foreign owned international hotels, whose profits will go abroad, and ordinary Zambians won’t see NOTHING apart from ridiculous motorcades. And the infrastructure was all built with Chinese money for which we will all be in debt for decades. Thanks Edgar China Lungu for bringing us on the brink of bankruptcy!

  4. And if there is a five star Zambian hotel -who has stopped these heads of state to go there? Remember also that hotel must be in Lusaka and surroundings and not in Kasumbalesa or Isoka?

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