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Late FTJ’s legacy to continue – HH


President Hakainde Hichilema has assured late second republican President Frederick Chiluba’s family that his government will always honour his legacy.

Mr Hichilema says late Dr Chiluba’s distinguished service to the nation of Zambia cannot go without honour.

Speaking at Embassy Park during the 11th memorial for the late former head of state, President Hichilema said government will endeavor to honour Dr Chiluba for the immense contributions he made towards the country.

“To the family of Dr Chiluba, our Government will continue to honour our fallen heroes, including the man lying here,” he pledged.

President Hichilema disclosed that he chose to appoint different people from diverse parts of the country to serve in his administration after drawing lessons from late Dr Chiluba’s cabinet selection.

Mr Hichilema said this was a way of uniting the country, adding that politicians with presidential ambitions can emulate such a move.

“It’s a lesson to all of us who aspire to lead the country,” President Hichilema said.

The President hailed Dr Chiluba for ushering the way for multiparty politics in the country.

“Dr Chiluba and his colleagues played a significant role which many take for granted,” he observed.

Mr Hichilema added that he also learnt from the late President , who was demonized by some people not , to not pay attention to unnecessary criticism but instead stay focused on government the country.

“I learnt to not worry about what people say but do what is right to be done for the people, Mr Hichilema said.

And former Vice President Enoch Kavindele said Dr Chiluba succeeded in contributing to peace efforts in the region as well as manage to have Zambia’s debt written off.

Mr Kavindele also recalled a time when Dr Chiluba confided in him that President Hichilema will one day rule the country.

“At one point there was a function at Pamodzi Hotel, it was an investment conference and you ( Mr Hichilema ) were there as the master of ceremony.

“ You spoke there and addressed everyone, you did so well, that at the end of that meeting President Chiluba said to me, watch that man, one day he will be President of Zambia,” Mr Kavindele said.

And the Frederick Chiluba memorial organizing committee chairperson Chapa Chikamba thanked government for the support during the memorial.


  1. Late FTJ’s legacy = “ You spoke there and addressed everyone, you did so well, that at the end of that meeting President Chiluba said to me, watch that man, one day he will be President of Zambia,” Mr Kavindele said

  2. This is an utter disgrace…what is wrong with us Zambians surely look at that grave site someone has to clean those windows everyday and sweep…we spend more on the dead than living..go to US see John F Kennedy …The grave consists of an unadorned, white wooden cross at the head of the grave and a simple grey granite marker set flush with the earth at the foot of it.

  3. A legacy of stinking kleptocracy and rotten tribalism, fuseki! The chap died a sorry site from an overdose if Viagra. Some people also say it was Mwamba who throttled him to death and his family were scared of undertaking an autopsy because BY told them: “nga bamulepaula wiso efyo mungasanga mukati imwe abana kuti mwafikwanisha?” That Kasai was evil his death was good riddance…

  4. What the president said is true. The post newspaper destroyed ftj. Ftj came up with policies that helped Zambians to appreciate ownership of property. Before that looked forward to staying in mansions built by state owned organisations. Now all Zambians value land. The transport sector was dead in this country. He came up with policies that made this sector to thrive. We changed from using trucks when going to town to using dcm buses, then hiace then Marco polo. I always argue that the business model used to empower us to own buses if extended to other business ventures is a good model to empower citizens.

  5. Wezi Kaunda , Baldwin Nkumbula, Richard Ngenda, Cathburt Nguni, Paul Tembo, Ronald Penza
    Rest in eternal Peace

  6. Shame on you Mr President. Chiluba was a CORRUPT and THIEVING president, even worse than Edgar China Lungu. We DON’T want to remember him!

  7. While the you maybe right to say there is nothing celebrate about this man, however you should know that he did well in some areas. We can now all own and appreciate the value of ownership. He introduced democracy with a well balanced cabinet. Did anyone talk about tribalism during his role, zero. we now can go to bus stop and get to wherever we want anytime. So let us celebrate those wins.

  8. After being chased back to MALAWI by Chiluba…. I do not think William Tekere Banda will agree with you Mr. President.

  9. Those who benefitted from CHILUBA’S privitisation mess will definately want to honour him carry on with his legacy.

  10. Ba Enock Kavindele…..please twapapata. What are you talking about? Trying to win favours with HH?
    When I remember how Chiluba treated Mazoka and bundled him out of MMD…… mmm BUFI!!

  11. Brown envelops of appeasements, break up of marriage and plunder of national resources personalised suits and shoes is bad legacy. However, we remember late president Chiluba articulate issues in an inspiration way that citizens believed him and declared Zambia as a chritian nation. MHSRIP.

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