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Kambwili arrested and detained over issuance of tribal remarks


Patriotic Front (PF) member of the Central Committee and Party Presidential aspirant Chishimba Kambwili has been arrested by police in Lusaka for the subject offence of showing hatred, ridicule or contempt for persons because of race, tribe or place of origin.

According to Zambia Police, this is contrary to section 70, sub-section 1 and 2 chapters 87 as read with act no. 2 of 2021 of the cyber security and cybercrimes of the laws of Zambia.

Confirming the arrest of Mr Kambwili to journalists’ in Lusaka this afternoon, police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said the incident occurred between May 2021 and August 2021 at Radio Mano in Kasama Northern Province.

Mr Mwale said Mr Kambwili is currently detained in police custody and yet to be charged and has further explained that because the incident happened in Kasama, police are yet to be guided by investigators if Mr Kambwili will be transferred to Kasama or not.

Last year in November, Inspector General of Police Remmy Kajoba said that police had compiled a docket against Chishimba Kambwili over tribal remarks issued during campaigns.

Mr Kajoba disclosed that the police were only awaiting instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions before the matter involving Kambwili could be prosecuted.

“Police opened an inquiry file regarding the alleged tribal remarks which occurred on 30th September, 2021 around 16:00hrs at Kaumbwe school grounds in Petauke district purported to have been issued by Dr Chishimba Kambwili during the Kaumbwe parliamentary by-election campaigns. Police conducted investigations and compiled a docket of case which has since been forwarded to the director of public prosecutions (DPP) as the alleged offence requires consent to prosecute from the DPP’s office. Instructions are still being awaited from the office of the DPP,” he stated.

And in June last year, The UPND Alliance called on the law enforcement agencies to arrest Mr Kambwili over what they described as his continued issuance of tribal remarks.

Alliance Media Director Thabo Kawana said at the time that if left unabated, Mr Kambwili’s tribal remarks have the potential to brew political turmoil.

Mr Kawana cited the provisions of section 107 (4) of the electoral code of conduct, which states that a member or supporter of a political party or candidate shall not use language that incites hatred or violence in any form against any person.

And at the time the Luapula Royal Foundation warned that Luapula will be a no-go area for Mr Kambwili if he continued with his tribal remarks.
Prince Kasongo Shapi Chimese said that Mr Kambwili’s message is a threat to national unity.

In an interview, Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has advised that such matters can only be followed once reported to the police.

A video has gone viral in which Mr Kambwili alleged that all Tongas are UPND.


  1. Honourable Kambwili said that the Southerners vote on tribal basis and and that ECZ has the statistics as evidence to prove it from past election voting patterns. How is that a tribal remark? Why are we not fulfiling promises made instead of using power to oppress and harrass opposition. Let’s be the better man and treat each other with respect and not how we were treated. Because in the end what goes round keeps coming round. As it is, the last vote was more of an experiment by Zambians. If not appeased they won’t make the same mistake twice.

  2. And when is someone’s immunity going to be lifted so that he faces the law for abrogating the constitution?

  3. We told you that he doesn’t forgive and he doesn’t forget. He’ll get you 1 by 1. If indeed Kambwili has been arrested for tribal remarks then he should have shared the same cell with Buumba Malambo. It’ll end up in tears. Nipano tuli

  4. Somebody report Buumba Malamo to police. If police fail, it will be confirmation they have been ‘pungwanized.’

  5. Hh is very vengeful. It is only tribalism under this govt when it is a t0nga who is not happy about what was said.

  6. Chimangeni…we don’t want racists and tribalist in Zambia period. This man should have been locked up long ago on corruption together with dumbwi dozer. We need to clear out dead mukula wood for Zambia to move forward.

  7. This is not for Kambwili alone but for all tribal extremists who want to ascend to power through ethnic hate speech. Rwanda is a living example of the destruction that ethnic hate can do. The laws of the land are clear but its the enforcement that has been lacking.

  8. BUFFOON CK was hired by Pay Forward Party just to issue such toxic remarks ..he thought he was safe and PF will win it. I hope the law follows up on everyone!

    • Since UPND has been exhuming cases committed in the past,we have honorable like Ackson Sejani,Ngande Mwanajiti and others who declared that ONLY a Tonga should lead UPND.The recent utterances of the Kafue Mayor Buumba Malambo who requested voters in Kafue Constituency to vote for Tonga candidates from Presidential to Councillor positions are cases which police should be interested in to show neutrality of the Police Service.Zambians are watching.

  9. Long over due, this thug has been peddling his tribal lines for a very long time, I am a bemba from Chinsali and this chap has been embarrassing us for a very long time now, we should not even be talking of persecution in the midst of glaring evidence

  10. The ones who were shouting that only a tonga can lead upnd are walking freely and even eating our taxes as we speak. They are all dogs.

    • Ackson Sejani who uttered these words has even been rewarded with the Chairmanship of of the Local Government Commission and Buumba Malambo who openly campaigned for Tonga hegemony is Mayor of Kafue.. Cry our beloved country!

    • Verbatim just like me you have data. That is true that sejani is now chairperson of local government commission. Alot of hypocrisy in this govt. If you are not tonga you will suffer

  11. Kambwili nizake. He actually is uwakapatulula sana. They must arrest him for heckling that Indian Ma carloader or Madapi driver. That was racist!

    • That time he had joined Upnd and he was applauded for standing up for the poor Zambians. Having said that, I would tribalism is not good for the country….. some tribes are more sensitive than others. We have been called thieves but we have turned this into some joke… no offense taken unless you are a thief. So Kambwili should have been careful before opening that orifice.

  12. So it was okay when we had the Phiris, Zulus, Bandas, Lungus no one compalained ka?? All of you get a life Zambia is bigger and smarter than these so called tribalists such as Kaizar

  13. To say vote for a Tonga is Not Hate Speech But to say Tongas are Bad people is Hate speech!! Buumba was clever than CK.

  14. If you notice a “yellow” cat (a most peculiar colour for a cat) and point this out to others who might be colour blind, it doesn’t mean that you, by saying the cat is “yellow” have made the cat yellow! The cat was always yellow, except you pointed this out. Judging by what has ensued – this is a crime; yet it shouldn’t. As far as this tribe rigmarole goes, we all know who the worst offenders are, yet we dare use a ruse to persuade the gullible to think otherwise! It’s a cynical ploy to detract, and it’s wrong. We are heading the wrong way!

    #plant a tree please.

  15. Look at the inefficiency of Zambia Police. I can count 12 policemen in the picture. Turning up just to arrest one Kambwili! When one goes to their police station to alert them of gender violence theres not a vehicle to come to the scene. The personnel will be unwilling to come. The Police only work or pretend to work when politics demand them

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