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Building housing for Govt departments on verge of collapsing in Zimba


A building block which houses the district administration and seven other government line ministries in Zimba district, Southern Province is on the verge of collapsing.

The civil servants operate amid fears that the building may   collapse any time soon.

As a result, smooth services to the  people in the area and nation at large are being hampered.

The building, formerly a Guest house for Zimba Town Council was turned into an office block catering the district administration, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Green Economy, Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development and the  Ministry of Information and Media.

Others operating in the same building owing to lack of accommodation space are Ministry of Community Development, Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security among other ministries.

The office block has no toilet and civil servants operating in the building walk about 500 metres away to relieve themselves or go to the nearby ‘bush’ to answer to the call of nature.

On an on-the-spot check conducted today by the Zimba Town Council Deputy Council Secretary, Jeremiah Sachikola and Council Chief Administrative Officer Vincent Mwaanga found several cracks on the wall of the building.

The inspection and tour at the building further revealed that they are big cracks in the walls of the building and the roof is also falling apart because of the planks that are rotten and eaten by termites (ants).

Besides, the toilets have collapsed, neglected and abandoned and become un-usable for a long time now.

The two Council officials were  shown around the dilapidated building by Zimba District Administrative Officer (DAO) Gift Hajongola.

Mr. Hajongola said if the building is not renovated quickly, civil servants working from the  building risked their lives.

 “This building will just one day fall  and we’ll be in trouble. There are no toilets and people go elsewhere to relieve themselves. Therefore, the better it is worked on soon,” the DAO said.

He , however said, a letter has been sent to the higher authorities for consideration over the building in question.

But Deputy Council Secretary, Jeremiah Sachikola is hopeful that the renovation work of the building will start next year.

He that at the moment, there are no funds but expressed optimistic that the Central government is aware of the situation to release the resources preferably using Constituency Development Fund, CDF to repair the building block.

And some of the government workers talked by ZANIS demanded to move out of the risky deplorable building.

Speaking with ZANIS on a condition of anonymity, the civil servants said the building is not fit for human adaptation.

“We work here in this building block with risks. The building isn’t fit for human adaptation,” stated one affected senior government employee.


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