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Kambwili formally arrested for hate speech


Police in Kasama have formally charged and arrested opposition PF Member of the Central Committee Chishimba Kambwili for hate speech contrary to section 70 sub section 1 and 2 of the penal code.

Mr. Kambwili’s lawyer Kennedy Mambwe confirmed this to journalists in Kasama late on Tuesday.

Mr Kambwili is still detained at Kasama Central Police Station.

His lawyer also revealed that he has made an application to have his client released on bond as the offence he is charged with is a bondable one.

“We don’t understand delays in releasing him. We have applied to the Officer in Charge to have him released but they keep saying they need to do a report, we don’t know which superiors they need to consult before releasing him,” he said.”

He added,” we are surprised because here we are taking about a constitutional right, he is a Zambian and he qualifies to be granted Police Bond. We are going to wait for the officers to act, they have told us to wait as they liase amongst themselves and they shall tell us when to appear in court.”

Dr. Kambwili aged 53 of Woodlands in Lusaka was on Monday warned and cautioned for the subject offence of Expressing or showing hatred, ridicule or contempt for persons because of race, tribe or place of origin contrary to Section 70 (i) and(ii) Chapter 87 as read with Act No. 2 of 2021 of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes of the Laws of Zambia.

This occurred between May 2021 and August 2021 at Radio Mano in Kasama, Northern Province.


  1. Why is CK wearing a pyama on the photograph? And why are those police officers treating him with such regards? Any other citizen would be in handcuffs and kicked about. Just keep him in that police cell – no rush to allow that police bond!

  2. Yes he was wrong. But let’s visit all cases bordering on racial or tribal hatred. Those who killed PF official in Solwezi are free. Today it’s me tomorrow it’s you must not be accommodated in our country.

  3. Deja Vu – I knew you were going to have BUT in your sentence …its predictable with you when your drinking CB mates are arrested

    • Tarino Orange… common sense calls for fairness. Kambwili did wrong and so did others. You kill a person BUT because you belong to Upnd your case is buried? Are you saying you people voted for Upnd for discriminatory arrests. Why haven’t you said anything about the murder of Konga in Solwezi. Mumbi Phiri is in jail for the same offense as the Solwezi one. People expect descence from your party that’s why they massively voted for it. That good will is fast disappearing.

  4. If its a bondable charge release him now…when he is proven guilty by the courts let him be made an example as BUFFOON CK got very careless with his ie hole last year. To the point where ZNBC was even televising him speeches as if it was the norm.

  5. CK would be a leading figure in the hutu incitement to genocide in Rwanda if it was today…………….

    Such was his virulent tribal rants on national airwaves that similarities to the incidents leading to the genocide in Rwanda was seen……….

    However, as much as CK is guilty , we must not forget the enabling factor of such incitment likelyto lead to genocide………lungu.

    Lungu was the president and oversaw this rabid tribalism

  6. Arrest Buumba Malambo.Kambwali just told the truth.The real problems is that our friends in UPND are hypocrites.They burned houses for those who came from other regions after losing elections in 2016.is that no tribalism?See how they are now employing themselves.Everyone knows that these chaps are tribalists.They need to change period.They have power now let us see how they will manage the country

    • Just check their regional radio program and Kambwili would be accompanied by scores of other people. But it can’t happen.

  7. Kambwili was given a platform and then crossed the line. Whatever happens to him on this one is his own making. Koseni Honourable.

  8. He committed an offence clearly, absolutely no witch hunt nor persecution, people should be responsible of what they say, even what he said that the UPND in government wont be employing other tribes was a blatant lie as even the current cabinet is representative of all tribes, and this guy has been uttering such things for a long time, even saying Tongas would only vote for a tonga even if Jesus stood, how. Democracy entails that you vote for who you want,just that, vote for who you want, even your own tribe if you think they are capable, period

  9. Edgar Lungu correctly told Kambwili, that your enemy is your own mouth. Kambwili who has absolutely no leadership quality has been overating himself for a very long time and has been tribal for a very long time. I hope the court will do justice so that we are all aligned that we need to live in harmony as one, but could be a background issue which is a big issue on its own to sort out. This guy is tribal to the core, make no mistake, last time he had to go and apologise to the Tonga chiefs but you can tell he has not reformed

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