Saturday, March 2, 2024

Teacher arrested for sodomy


Police in Kaoma has arrested a 31-year-old teacher at Kashokoto Primary School for sodomy.

The development has been confirmed by Western Province Acting Commanding Officer, Fwambo Siame to ZANIS today.

Mwiya Imebo 31, a teacher of Kashokoto Primary School compound in Kaoma, is alleged to have had canal knowledge of his male colleague by the name of Alvin Mwanza of Lusaka’s Chawama compound at the time he paid him a visit.

Mr. Siame said it is alleged that the incidence happened between June 11-12, 2022 after Mwiya offered Mwanza a cup of tea shortly before going to bed, believed to have been intoxicated.

He explained that the duo went to sleep and shared a bed adding that it was at that moment when the alleged anal penetration took place without consent.

Mr. Siame said the victim only discovered that he had been raped after finding himself messed up in the morning when he woke up.

He said the matter was reported to police and the victim was subsequently taken to the hospital for a medical report.

Mr. Siame has been arrested and slapped with a charge of having canal knowledge against the order of nature contrary to section 155 subsection A of the Laws of Zambia.

The victim has however, been given a police bond and will appear in court soon.

According to the Zambian laws a person having canal knowledge against the order of nature could save a maximum sentence of 14 years if found guilty by the courts of law.


  1. What do you expect when we now have a party in power and government which is promoting gay rights? We told you that upnd will slowly facilitate the introduction of gay rights because they are funded by gay organisations. The foreigners even feel free to fly gay flags on our land and hh is even there smiling like a slave

    • The only enslavement that exists is the one that ECL planted in you through granting you money that you cannot generate without being in power.

  2. What most people don’t know is that diseases like HIV spread easily among men who have sex with men (MSM). Currently the presence of the Monkey Pox is more wide spread among MSM. Science students can explain for us why this so.

  3. “The victim has since been given police bond and will appear in court later” – very weird, not the perpetrator?

  4. Fwebambi we grew up sleeping on the same bunker with fellow boys and nothing happened. So ngatwakula we must watch out? In this age of LGBTI you have to Sleep with one eye open Yaba!

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