Friday, February 23, 2024

ZAF committed to defending both land, airspace – Lt.Gen.Barry


Zambia Airforce Commander Lieutenant General, Colin Barry says the Airforce will ensure both land and the airspace is protected to attract investment into the country in all social and economic sectors.

Lt. Gen. Barry said mines are key in the social and economic development of the country and therefore, the investment needs to be protected even in other sectors.

He said this in Solwezi today when he paid a courtesy call on North-western province Permanent Secretary, Grandson Katambi.

“As we protect the airspace and the ground, we also need to protect these huge investments that are coming in the mining industry and other sectors,” Lt. Gen. Barry said.

The Airforce will continue to provide security through broader area patrols and conduct other activities as a way to show confidence to the investors in the country for them to invest even more.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Barry has expressed concern over the construction of unplanned infrastructure close to strategic installations such as airports and on-air ranges.

He said the trend is becoming out of hand and needs to be addressed by people responsible for town planning.

“People are just building anywhere even on air ranges, we need to get back our land and see how we can demolish the structures and compensate the victims. I am sure some of them were just enticed into getting this land”, Lt. Gen. Barry said.

And Col. Katambi said it is important for the Airforce command to familiarize themselves with all the mining operations and other upcoming social and economic developments in the province.

He said for the Airforce to plan its activities well, it needs to understand and know what is happening on the ground in all the areas especially since the province is endowed with abundant natural and mineral resources.

Lt. Gen. Barry is in the Solwezi district of Northwestern on the invitation by Kansanshi Mine to familiarize himself with its operations.


  1. Kwena Eagle eye I’m wondering why an air force commander has to issue statements on the protection of “the mining industry and other sectors” when mining is always done underground never in the air.
    And why would Kansanshi invite a military man to their operations. I smell a rat here. Some corrupt government to private deal is being done. Where are our journalists?

  2. Illegally mined minerals are usually smuggled out by air. Kansanshi is licensed to mine copper but it also has gold. The gold is smuggled out of Zambia in small aircraft.

  3. Gen. Berry, please be Frank- we all know Zambia is defenceless and your job is protecting leaders.

  4. Protect airspace with what? Chinese Hongdu JL-10 Jets …meanwhile Bush Pilots Boers are flying into our gameparks at will stealing animals. This man just went to visit his home town; why cant you just take a holiday and visit in your own personal capacity

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