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Anglo American is getting heavily involved in the governance of our country now-Fred M’membe

Feature Politics Anglo American is getting heavily involved in the governance of our country...

Leader of the Socialist Party (SP) Dr Fred M’membe has charged that Anglo America has a Foundation that is attempting to sponsor governments in Africa because of its interest in minerals.

Dr M’membe named the Foundation as the Brenthurst Foundation and charged that it has sponsored a puppet regime in Zambia.
He said the same organisation is now supporting Odinga Raila in the forthcoming elections in Kenya.

The opposition leader said this during the Leadership Conference Foundation on Mining in Lusaka yesterday.

“Anglo today has a Foundation that tries to sponsor governments across the continent, for what? For minerals. They are trying to support puppets in South Africa itself, they are trying to sponsor puppets in Zimbabwe, they have sponsored puppets here in Zambia and I say it without reservation. And I can prove it,” he said.

“If anyone wants to challenge me for calling them puppets, I am ready. We can sit on a table and discuss. They are trying to sponsor puppets in Kenya, in the for coming elections, the Brenthurst Foundation has gone to Kenya with some Zambians from State House.”

He charged that Anglo American is getting heavily involved in the governance of our country now.

“We have to resist like our own ancestors, we have to resist. This territory is all that we have. They have shown us that they are brutal, they are not kind to us. They have been mining for 100 years, what do they have for us? What have they left for us? What did we have to show for a 100 years of mining?

“Anglo American is getting heavily involved in the governance of our country now. They governed Zambia some time back and even after stopping governing directly they still governed. Even when we took over ZCCM they still ran ZCCM-IH. Don’t be deceived, it was still their mining. Yes, we got some little concessions, a little favours because we had a stronger voice but Anglo was still judge,” he said.

Dr M’membe expressed worry that with the strategic minerals located in the region, “we are going to see much more trouble.”

He also charged that it’s not just the investors but that armies are also coming to the country.

“They are supporting Odinga Raila, they are supporting Bobby Wine in Uganda. Why should a cooperation be interested in who governs the country? It’s because they have been doing that for centuries, they have been governing for centuries, directly and indirectly,” he said.

“And now with the strategic minerals located here in this region, we are going to see much more trouble. It’s not as peaceful as it seems, it’s not just a matter of talking to the investors here and there, there are armies behind that. They are coming.”


    • No… you shut up, puppet tikki. You’ve no idea about Western imperialism. Go read the book, “Confessions of an economic hitman,” by John Perkins. Then you’ll understand how America operates in third world countries. You puppet on American strings.

  1. Another Political commentator this Fred guy, no stamina on the ground. Is he not the same guy who was not paying his taxes?

  2. There is no socialist party on the ground, there are less than 2000 members on the ground, which can not win him an election, of course better the other Political commentator Sean Tembo, but even if they combined forces, theliz no

  3. African countries have been independent for over 60 years but all we see is confusion…. Nigeria produces oil but still face the commodity shortage and high price. Is the Bible right about the curse? I don’t want to believe that.

    • Only a very dull individual would believe what is written in a novel in third person tense.

    • It’s about ignorance, not cursed. Many African leaders still believe that they’re inferior to mzungus. So they let mzungus run everything for them. And they tend to have very poor bargaining skills. So the mzungus take advantage of that. That’s why we need well exposed leaders who don’t fear mzungus, and know how to bargain effectively. The one who just sits timidly and keep responding with “yes sir, yes sir,” to everything a mzungu is saying, should not be allowed to bargain for anything on behalf of the country. Such is clearly an ignoramus. And mzungus love ignoramuses. They make good puppets.

  4. Their evil agent hh is now in power. They are here to finish off what hh started during privatisation. Hh is just a little b.l.t.c.h in all this

  5. Fred think being a socialist is just talking and wearing a hat…he is now letting chaps like Paul Moonga join him…really laughable

  6. When MCS sent KK to Angola to negotiate for cheaper crude oil, I laughed it off when a colleague expressed enthusiasm about it. I retorted that it like Malawi sending Bakili Muluzi to Zambia to get cheap copper, we don’t own it! If ZAMEFA domiciled here buys copper at the London Metal Exchange market price, can Malawi get cheap copper from Zambia? It’s the same with Zambia expecting cheap oil from Angola. Just like you choose your friends, mind those that sponsor your Party. If Zambians form political Parties and expect others to fund them, then we’ll have many players in our politics part from Anglo.

  7. There goes the 1970s nationalist ,
    comrade membe……..

    Busy living in the 1970s …………

    When China was firmly in control by having lungu and all PF in their pockets , comrade membe was silent………..

  8. Very true FRED. These guys have imperial agenda and will scornfully and condescendingly sit around the table trying to imagine our level of IQ. These Anglo-Americans don’t love us but what lies underground and imagining how possible they can just get rid of us through strange chemicals and virus in order to have unfettered access to our god given natural resources.

  9. #9  Mungate

    Are you on medication ?

    Even my 10 year old son laughs at those nutcase conspiracy theories on YouTube…………..

  10. Anglo American getting involved in Zambia, its a good sign and very healthy for Zambia. President HH, thank you for that move of involving Anglo American companies in mines and in the main stream of the economy. This is spot on and that is what good governance is. Congratulations sir. You are guaranteed of our support

  11. Do not laugh off Fred….. There is a lot of sense in what he is saying. This country has been sold to Anglo American. Wait and see.

  12. Mmembe is living in the past ! Shouting imperialism! Capitalism! Socialism! All this is out of date and out of touch with the current generation mindset. The youth and pretty much every boy else want income and access to social services such as health care, education etc and Not who owns which mine in Zambia. De-Beers is mining in Botswana and the Tswanas are benefiting from such investments by foreign entities.

    • Just because you don’t understand those terms doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You will try to ignore them but they will be defining your life. Whether a wolf is called a wild dog it is still there for you to deal with

  13. Wena Namakando are like a lone wolf howling your head off in the middle of the woods. During the August 2021 elections, you curved out a ridiculous share of the votes lower than the spoiled total for Lusaka and the Copperbelt. You are ridiculous and nobody listens to a clown like you. Wena, when PF was busy ravaging Bulozi, Butonga ni BoKaonde, wena newitamile bulikani ni SataN. Mane kuti wena neu somisa kwateni ku Luonyokaulile, was swabisa wena.

  14. I honestly think HH must stake taking wolves like M’membe howling “masipa” in the wilderness like this! Let him be taken to court so that he can show this proof he is talking about. I suspect this is a Nawakwi style malicious charade, when it comes to account for these allegations, this fool will buckle.

  15. So what.
    Anglo American though Debeers have transformed Botswana from a poor African nation to a middle income country in the world.
    Why do you choose to ignore that

    • Why do you fools want to ignore African success. It’s not Anglo American. It’s the clever Tswanas!


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