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Gary Nkombo approves over 216 Community projects under CDF


Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo has said that over 216 Community projects have so far been approved for implementation in 38 Constituencies at an estimated cost of K128 million.

And Mr Nkombo says 10, 200 pupils in 88 Constituencies have accessed secondary school bursaries at an estimated cost of K21 million while over 6,173 youths in 95 Constituencies have accessed skills development bursaries at an estimated cost of K33 million.

Speaking at a media briefing today, Mr Nkombo said delays in the formation of Ward Development Committees, Constituency Development Committees, and inadequate knowledge by the general public on the opportunities and procedures of applying for CDF are some of the major causes of delayed disbursement of CDF.

And on the proposal by some stakeholders for government to amend the CDF guidelines, Mr Nkombo said these guidelines were drafted in line with the CDF Act and any amendments would require changes to the law.

Speaking at the same event, Minister of Youth, Sport and Arts Elvis Nkandu dispelled rumours that the government is delaying the disbursement of CDF because it has no money.


  1. Mr. minister a group of youths presented a project proposal to expand and grow the coffin making business. It was turned down. Why?

    • It could lead to more deaths at the black mountain. Booby traps would be set up by business seeking jerabos during operations

  2. The theft has begun . This boy Gary has changed so much and is now living a life which he never could afford. Alot of corruption going on. Opportunities being given to his relatives

  3. Black mountain – So you want a minister to comment on one business plan? This is what you dont get about business funding you can have the best idea in the world but if execution is not right you will never attract funding.

  4. There’s nothing to be proud about the figures that Garry has released. K25.7M x 156 Constituencies translates to about K4BN. Garry has only approved projects worth K128M thereby leaving a balance of K3.89BN. He’s not working. I advise him to release all officials in his Ministry to travel across the country and oversee the formation of WDCs within 30days. After that he should introduce expenditure thresholds so that minor projects can be approved by local councils, the Ministry must only deal with major capital projects. He’ll not sit the whole year just approving CDF projects. He must also introduce the aspect of expenditure tracking so that funds are accounted for. He must delegate most of these functions to his officials since he needs to be in Parliament as well. Mary Mukiya MP

  5. I don’t know these gentlemen very well, but isn’t this the same guy who compelled a family to drink Kachasu?..I thought he had done the honourable thing – resigned; alas, he is still in government! Do any government officials ever show contrition for their bad acts, or is it a case of, I behave as I like, and y’all can go to ….?

    • Ba Zennia ,,,that trapping trough is very sweeety ttt ty..its only in opposition that principle is a worthwhile virtue. Once they are in office, awe kaya. Yes this guy is one big let down to say the least. Part of a regime that wants to micro manage the affairs of the country….”its simply not practical”

      I rest my case !!

  6. Gary Nkombo arrested for forcing Illicit liquor down the throat of minors in 2022
    -June 23rd 2026 headline

  7. Yes this is true that we need to have our own industries permanently so that the youths can find permanents jobs instead of moving up and down in the street begging for money and becoming junkies whereas they have good qualifications

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