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LAZ joins in condemning the military brutality meted out on youths accused of insulting the President


The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has said that it is appalled at videos showing military personnel assaulting unidentified youths for purportedly insulting the President of the Republic of Zambia.

In a statement issued to the media by LAZ Honorary Secretary Sokwani Peter Chilembo, the association noted that military weapons are also seen in one of the said videos, being used to intimidate the said youths.

Mr Chilembo charged that regardless of the behaviour exhibited by the youths, Zambia has sufficient laws in place to deal with such conduct, stating that the institution bestowed with the constitutional power to effect arrests over such conduct, and possibly prosecute, is the Zambia Police Service, acting in liaison with the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“There is no law that gives military personnel power to mete instant penalties on erring members of society'” Mr. Chilembo explained, further stating that the conduct exhibited by the military personnel, who are identifiable in one of the videos, is illegal, inhumane, degrading
and undermines the Rule of Law and Constitutionalism in the country.

Mr Chilembo further noted that military personnel in Zambia play a key role, and their importance cannot be overemphasized, but that no one is above the law, and under no circumstances must any citizen, let alone men and women in uniform, take the law into their own hands and mete out street justice.

“Therefore, it is LAZ’s strong view that such conduct by military personnel on private citizens should immediately be redressed by the Military Command,” he added.

Below is the full statement


  1. Well stated the Military has to be brought to book otherwise trouble will come
    They even started pushing cars off the road when so called commanders travel
    They have no road rights except during a state of emergency

  2. 40 years later is when they comment on this because they are all scared of that useless boy hh. Hh spoke ill about how people were treated by the police under our government. Today things are worser than they were. We warned you

  3. such conduct by military personnel on private citizens should immediately be redressed by the Military Command,”
    No such conduct by military personnel on private citizens should immediately be addressed by law enforcement officers. The law must take its course.

  4. You think PF was bad? Wait for another 4 years. This guy is thin skinned. I supported him but now I feel so stupid. PF was a bunch of uneducated thugs, hooligans, and thieves while this is a team of vindictive, do-nothing thugs that just fly all over the world in the name of business. Your pockets will be dry and you’ll be beaten like in Rwanda or Zimbabwe if you complain. He will continue to say that he’s better than Lungu who had no clue why he was elected. To Lungu’s defence, I see roads, hospitals, and general infrastructure even though he was running a cartel govt. In other words, we must elect leaders and hold them accountable. Take note and start holding these guys accountable. So far, I see some order than in PF and I miss Mwanawasa everyday.

  5. Neither here nor there the stupidity of swallowing hook and sinker norms that are foreign to ethnic values erodes cultural preservation! Every cultural setting has its own ways of dealing with societal behaviors and local governing laws! Africans at large would not spare the rod on foolish actions as disrespect for anyone older in age across generational groups! The soldiers did just fine to bring back the senses of the insulting youths! Those rushing to borrowed “right way” of doing things must think again! You want offenders to be handled with kid gloves and have red carpets rolled out for them? Take those insults yourselves and go to the courts! What does LAZ do for betterment of adherence to obeying the law?

  6. Kindly can the authority concern do the needfull because this is over due,the men in uniform involved must be prosecuted according to the law without fear and favour please do it fast so that it will be a learning point to who be victim of the same disobedience of the law.Well done LAZ keep posted.

  7. Traditionally, canning was used to discipline young ones. Even on this forum, i do not think there are many who never got something close to this. Taking them to police and court would end up ruining their lives forever because there is evidence against them. so that was good for kids to never ‘sin again’ than subjecting the to court. They could be jailed for many years for such stupid behavior.

  8. Don’t be cowards you should have been the first to condemn it. First it was silence on forcing children to drink a toxic illicit brew by a sitting Cabinet Minister and now this. It also proves Laura Miti’s and Linda Kasonde’s self righteous acts of advocacy of human rights is nothing more than a self seeking exercise.

    • It’s like they were not sure of which stand to take and have just seen other stakeholders take a stand and followed suit.

  9. Ulemu bana ba Zambia balibe, they now must be inoculated military style kuba punzisa ulemu. That Emmanuel Tombolilo Mwamba too deserves inoculation, “ifikansa fyacilamo naka stupid panky haircut akakwe.” And why does Mwamba have a bigger upper lip than the lower one, it this a facial deformity for se.x pests. Kabe kamulomo kac.ikala.

  10. A lot of exaggeration here. Those kids were only given light cautionary slaps by the soldiers. Not that I support illegality, but worldwide soldiers do not like indiscipline near them. Remember this: do not insult, pee or throw rubbish near an army position or check point.

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