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Cornelius Mweetwa is wrong on the 2026 elections


The Socialist Party on the Copperbelt has said UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa should not claim that his party will not face stiff competition in the 2026 elections because he won’t be the only voter.

Mr. Mweetwa, the Southern Province Minister, this week told the Mast Newspaper that UPND does not expect much hustle and hurdles in winning the 2026 elections adding that “honestly can you replace HH with Wynter Kabimba, Fred M’membe?”

Mr. Mweetwa said he was amazed that even politicians that dragged the country into economic malaise wanted to appear as saints who could save it by condemning President Hakainde Hichilema and his government.

But Socialist Party Copperbelt Spokesperson Joseph Kangwa said it is wishful thinking to claim that President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND will be given another mandate by Zambians.

Mr. Kangwa said Mr. Mweetwa’s aim at Dr. M’membe shows that the Socialist is gaining strength and becoming more popular to the Zambian people.

“The Socialist Party on the Copperbelt is alarmed by the demeaning statement attributed to the United Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson Mr. Cornelius Mweetwa whose contemptuous comments on our party President Dr. Fred M’membe was published in The Mast newspaper on 21 June, 2022.We are amazed by Mweetwa’s level of thinking to question the Zambian people’s choice on replacing President Hakainde Hichilema with Dr. M’membe. That kind of obscured sentiment on who would be voted president after HH exposes scanty information receptiveness on what is obtaining on the ground,” Mr. Kangwa said.

“The overzealous Southern Province minister’s thinking that President HH will easily win the 2026 general elections as if he will be the only one voting is just building castles in the air. Giving HH another mandate is wishful thinking that myriad Zambians should banish from their minds after being duped by UPND.

It is laughable to hear the excited Mweetwa saying he is very confident that the way President HH has gone ahead in governing this country so far, he does not expect so much hustle and hurdle in 2026. To begin with, what has HH done so far to the poor Zambian people to deserve another mandate? What has he really done differently from the Patriotic Front (PF) administration in terms of governing this country apart from introducing deductible mineral royalties which has little benefit to Zambians who are supposed to benefit from copper and other minerals?” he questioned.

Mr. Kangwa continued:”Apart from augmented fuel pump price which has led to high cost of living among the poor citizens and the increment of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which has no clear guidelines and or policies to guarantee the government recovery of the loans obtained from CDF and the impartial distribution of the same money to the qualified applicants irrespective of their political affiliations? Among all these, the only thing that HH may have done to the people of Zambia is the partial introduction of free education from reception to grade twelve (12) which however, has many hitches.”

Mr. Kangwa charged that President Hichilema is the most unpopular President and could be easily defeated in elections due to his numerous false promises.

“Mr. Mweetwa’s attack towards Dr. M’membe, however, is just a cheap shot. It also proves that Dr. M’membe and the SP are gaining strength, becoming more popular to the Zambian people, to the point that the UPND new dawn government cannot ignore us anymore. It is easy to insinuate that UPND spokesperson may have a short memory to forget that some people used to say HH will never be president but today he is occupying the same office, so will comrade Fred M’membe. Moreover, HH is the most unpopular President and easiest to defeat due to his numerous false promises,” he said.

“Therefore, the Socialist Party would like to advise Mr. Cornelius Mweetwa to look himself in the mirror before criticizing Dr. M’membe, and comparing him with the likes of Mr. Winter Kabimba whose Economic Front party continues to lose many members to our Party because by far Dr. M’membe is better than him in many aspects. If he cannot persuade President HH to humble himself and go back to the people of Zambia and apologize for his fake promises, the interest of the Zambian people would be better served if he would just shut up. The people have the power,” Mr. Kangwa concluded.


  1. These f00ls won the election through intimidation,Iies and a fluke. Today this little boy cornellius with his small p.e.n.i.s has become big headed.

    • And they think insulting President Kateka will save them. Listen to what President Kateka is saying. There is real hunger in the homes!!
      We are suffering.. We miss Lungu!

    • Analyse the whole matter deeply .. here is a simply example:
      If there is bumper harvests this year. Next year they will have enough food before next harvest.
      Simply.. the last gvt failed to pay debt twice, this affects the new gvt. Repaying debt, and cleaning mess

  2. Mweetwa is right, there is no formidable opposition party in Zambia. Most of these opposition parties don’t even have members, for them if they appear on TV, Radio or they tweet, they have worked. To be a President you need to work hard, look at how HH was being harrassed by Police during campaigns, literally asking him to produce a passport to enter certain provinces, but these opposition leaders of today are busy working as Political commentators. Even PF is in a confused state, no proper direction

    • Patrice, Mr. Mweetwa, and all you praise singers, the most formidable opposition your UPND has are the ordinary people of Zambia whom you fed with unfulfilled promises. If these promises remain unfulfilled up to election day in 2026, the people of Zambia will show you the door and any of the opposition parties and leaders you are vilifying now will take over. Mark my words.

  3. I am part of the opposition in Zambia kulibe ve vichitika, as opposition I suggest we all disband. There is no opposition party in their current states in Zambia that can form government, boza

  4. The best time to predict a Zambian election is 9months before the poll is held. So it’s too early to comment on who’s likely to carry the day. Cornelius Mweetwa is increasingly becoming a liability to the UPND. People in Southern province are not happy about the K160/ 50kg bag of maize. Instead of politicking he’s supposed to be explaining why FRA arrived at that price. These are matters that shouldn’t be downplayed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UPND doesn’t get as many votes from Southern province in 2026 as they did last year. People were made to believe that Bally will just flip his fingers and all their problems will be gone so their expectations are very high and Cornelius doesn’t see that

  5. how do you talk about 2026 when you havent even clocked 1year in leadership for now lets talk about the promises made during the campany job creation high cost of living not elections, the way i see it like you have less or nothing to tell the people who voted for you and the UPND.

  6. Cornelius Mweetwa only talks politics and never touches on development and the welfare of the youths who voted for UPND. He has failed to get his presence felt in Southern Province . We miss the hardworking Edify Hamukale who set the standards far too high for narrow minded people like mweetwa. I dont see any development project initiated, implemented and completed by Cornelius Mweetwa unless other ministers intiate projects in southern province. All he talks about is politics which cant be eaten meanwhile we the youths are busy suffering. He only does routine work and cant think about the box!!! Every time its politics, Start working sir. Hamukale left us with proper infrastructure and was a humble inclusive and progress minded minister.. What wrong did we do to be given such a petty…

  7. UPND lied to the people of Zambia. They knew that what they were promising was not going tom happen but they kept lying.
    Prices of commodities are ever increasing day by day!! Bread is heading towards K20, Sugar K50, Fuel K25/litre, Mealie meal K180,
    Cooking oil K250/5LITRE. Nothing is getting any better. It was all lies . Bread basket is now K10, 000 while salaries have remained the same.
    Lies lies and lies…..

  8. We are 10 months into a 60 month mandate wether you like it or not…………

    50 more months to go………..

    The president bit the bullet in month one with cutting spending and waiste…………

    By months 25, Zambians will be clamouring for HH to carry on perpetually…………

    We said most of these opposition will be reduced to one person protests on Street corners holding signs……… is already happening

  9. The SP will be receiving disillusioned PF dropouts in drips and drabs……..

    With the previous regime , being in politcs or a cader was the key to wealth……….these are the disillusioned people drifting to the SP with mindset of politics being key to richness…………

    The new GRZ is changing that mindset to make wealth more inclusive across zambia

    The majority of Zambians will soon be too busy reaping the fruits of this government’s hard work to bother with politics …………..

  10. Those turning cunning Fred Membe into a saint are short sighted – Zambians have not forgotten Fred Membe with his Post Newspapers as the arrogant self egoistic person, who felt was untouchable and a better cut of a citizen above the rest of us. Let him enjoy freedom of expression denied to others when he was in partnership with late president Sata.

  11. Opposition is the late. UPND has 5 years. PF promised more money in our pockets in 90 days at the end of the ten years, our pockets were very dry. How can some one say UPND lied when they still have 4 years and 3 months

  12. This community need to learn more about technology.Technology is in all areas………… are people in this community are aware of technology surprises and amazement?This community need to learn more about use of technology……..what is this animal called technology?.., scares me……

  13. The change of Govt only saved one purpose to prove that not one tribe can rule Zambia, it must be a collective Govt. What is happening now is a shame on a country endowed with so much natural resources. The blame game will not develop this country. HH just do your part fulfill your promises to the voters time is not on your side. Already this year is gone money not spent must go back to treasury next month. We are yet to see a pit latrine built by UPND.

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