Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Speaker riles MP for insisting on physical attendance as Covid-19 ravages


Some Members of Parliament are unhappy with the decision by Speaker of the National Assembly Nellie Mutti to insist that they all attend parliamentary sessions physically.

The last few weeks has seen a spike in the number of MPs and staff at Parliament testing positive to Covid-19.

In a circular issued on Monday, Mrs Mutti insisted that all MPs should enter parliamentary grounds and attend the sessions from either the Chamber or in Committee Rooms.

The decision has upset some MPS who feel her ruling goes against the health protocols in light of Covid-19.

So far a number of MPs and staff at the National Assembly have tested positive to Covid-19.

Some MPs interviewed feel the cases have started going up again because many of them have just returned from several international and local trips.

“ What is happening is that there is a major outbreak of Covid-19 at Parliament. Most of our colleagues are down as we speak. Many staff members are also seek but we are surprised that the Speaker choose to expose us to this disease by insisting that we business all the time,” one of the MP revealed.

Others wondered why the Speaker is changing what has worked well so far when the House has used a hybrid system with both physical and virtual sittings.

“We would like her to keep the things the way they have been. We don’t want to be exposed to Covid-19 and then we end up exposing our families,” she said.


  1. These fooools still want to get allowance even when they attend virtually from their Motel rooms with their girlfriends…..atttend physically or dont attend at all and dont get paid. If you are diagnosed with covid take 5 days off. …this variant of this so called disease is not even severe.

  2. Is this Speaker fit for Purpose.? Im beginning to doubt her general rationality on all matters. I wont be surprised if an impeachment motion is moved for her dismissal / ouster

  3. The speaker must stop using Jaribu. She looks like a barbie doll. A middle aged woman hooked on Jaribu cream eishhh!!!

  4. This woman is not fit to be speaker. This appointment was a returned favour. She is incompetent and an embarrassment to our women. Her upnd govt have failed to contain covid and here she is making decisions that she has no clue over. Who does this nobody think she is

  5. Speaker Nellie Kashumba has an attitude towards some individuals in the August House and that can be clearly seen. On such matters her decision should be based on expert advice. She can consult the Ministry of Health through the National Institute for Public Health to assess the situation. This way her decision will be backed by expert advice. This won’t attract unnecessary attacks from some members in this polarized Parliament. Suppose MoH moves in and recommend the closure of Parley for the same reasons? Won’t that embarrass her? My worry is that she’s taken too long to settle in her job. By now she should be acting above board

    • She has a thing for my brother. Most women will treat you badly in front of others if they secretly admire you. My brother is too young for some one like her. There is a lot of sexual tension in parliament


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