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Are all Tongas UPND? It’s Kambwili and the ECZ Big Lie.


By Kapya Kaoma

When I read that Kambwili “alleged that all Tongas are UPND,” I rushed to the ECZ website. My goal was to prove Kambwili wrong by specifically listing how many Tongas voted for a candidate other than President Hichilema since 2005. Sadly under Election Results, the rebranded website only shows statistics of voters but not the results. If this is by design, I applaud the ECZ–showing how people voted by Province endangers peace, and promotes tribalism.

I don’t have recent official ECZ data to empirically dispute Kambwili’s tribalist statements, which led to his arrest and K50,000 bail. But who can dispute the fact that HH and the UPND have gotten almost 100% of the total vote in Southern Province? Does getting almost 100% of the total tribal vote mean all Tongas are UPND? Not at all. It only means they have only voted for HH because they are not tribalists. Isn’t it shameful that tribalists and hegemonists like Kambwili ignore the fact that no Presidential candidate has ever carried a Tonga vote since HH entered politics? Tongas just love one of their own, but to claim they all belong to UPND only threatens the peace of the nation. It is hate speech.

Ubututu of Mr. Kambwili is appalling. Doesn’t he know how to count? Is it not Southern Province voters who gave Lungu only 200 votes, out of tens and tens of thousands cast for the UPND and HH. This pattern, however, does not mean the 95% to 100% Tongas who voted for HH are UPND. Kambwili may cite the ECZ numbers to support his claim. Yet the 98.9% who voted for HH in Southern Province are not tribalists.

I am not refusing that President HH is the sole beneficiary of the Tonga vote. My point is that such voters are not UPND members. Is Kambwili suggesting that President Hichilema’s political strategy is to sing anti-tribalism the loudest across Zambia to convince other tribes to vote for him? It is “One Zambia, One Nation” after all. Who says it is tribalistic if 98% of the Tonga electorate votes only for a Tonga presidential candidate? It is democracy. Kambwili may use numbers of results from Southern Province to smear Tongas, but who trusts numbers? In Pungwa’s world, numbers lie. So Kambwili is arrested for preaching this lie!

It is time we, the people, knew it; hegemonists and tribalists are not Tonga but other tribes. We all know them–the President told us. These debased individuals believe no person other than their tribes can rule Zambia. You can also tell by their names. Like Kambwili, they are obviously threatening the peace of the nation. To shame them is promoting unity; for every Zambian knows that all Tongas are PF. They have only voted for HH and the UPND since 2005. The President is right. Kambwili’s tribal politics has no place in our nation. No wonder he is arrested. Ask Chief Monze or HH, it is a lie sought to promote tribalism.

I don’t trust the ECZ’s data which shows HH getting almost all the votes in Southern Province. Does this prove that all Tongas are UPND? Voting only for the UPND makes Tongas members of the HH’s party. Ours is the only non-tribal President, who solely benefits from a Tonga vote. But his tribe has no bearing on the voters of Southern Province.

Kambwili watch out–your narcissistic Machiavellianism won’t erase the truth that less than 2% of Tongas voted for other candidates. Why should one think President HH is following the steps of his mentor and war criminal Paul Kagame of fixing political opponents? Unless you are a liar, he will punish you for saying that all Tongas are UPND. This is the lie of the Ballycountry! Come 2026, more than 98% of Tongas will only vote for Bally. It is the hard truth!

Opposition leaders must face this truth. Not even Jesus would stop Tongas from voting for HH in the 2026 election. Of course, hegemonists and tribalists may term this tribalism. It is on other tribes to join Tongas in voting for HH and the UPND in 2026. In short, tribalism only exists outside Southern Province. Yes Tongas have voted for a Tonga in every presidential election, but they are not tribalists.

Tribalists be warned. Our beloved HH is not a tribalist; Kambwili and his people are. Yet it is these tribalists who voted for HH in tens of thousands. Gods must be crazy indeed!


  1. This is the worst article I have ever read. Ba Kaoma ubu bukopo of the worst kind. If you know nothing keep quite or start making tea

    • Ignorance as a cure. If you don’t understand the article, you may need to educate yourself about political sarcasm.

  2. Not a well written ironic article. But for everyone else who will read my comment, Kambwili stating the obvious isn’t tribal, Southern province did vote for HH overwhelmingly.
    One of two things are possible; either Southern province has 98 percent UPND supporters or Southern province has tribal voters.
    Please don’t arrest me.

    • KK left a motto and this Chimbwili want to destroy what the old man built. NO HATE SPEECH/TRIBALISM should divide mother Zambia. Otherwise there will be disunity in the nation, One tribe to consider being more Zambian than others.
      PF still headless nearly a year after ECL resigned.. When is the new party president going to takeover??

    • What am I missing? You are making the same point. The entire article is in the last sentence if you need to understand the author’s point. “God’s must be crazy indeed”.

  3. Does anyone bother to check how many times Southern province has been voting for govts that has at times have zero representation of a Southener in cabinet? There is nothing wrong with a region overwhelming voting for a person representing their region that has never had any significant representation in the highest office. Only hypocrites will perpetuate tribalism ignoring imbalances that have existed that have been marginalising other regions. The big fat cats even have an area in lusaka called New Kasama. Can you imagine how much out cry of tribalism if there was a New Monze or New Mongu a plush area for the elite south or west tribesmen? Let’s move away from tribal politics no one will no the head or tail once these nonsense gets out of hand. All we want are leaders who have the…

  4. Kapya Kaoma is very sarcastic. Please why can’t we just formulate law that bars anyone from talking about regional favouritism?.
    This is misinforming the already confused new readers/learners.

  5. Not all tongas are upnd supporters but we know that only a tonga can rule upnd (sejani).

    So my comrade brother kambwili is not wrong in what he said. The voting pattern in southern province shows a tribal pattern of behaviour which has been propagated by tribal sentiments such as only a tonga can rule upnd. Upnd is very tribal but not all tongas are tribal

  6. This Kapya Kaoma will only write articles when its about tribe or homosexuality …he is a very divisive wannable writer.

  7. Very Ironic. Am looking forward to the outcomes of Kambwili’s case in relation to Employment statistics concerning tribe and region

  8. Hegemonic writing like the Zambian multi party democratic dispensation started in 2006. Better to be objective and to also mention the overwhelming voting support that Southern province has given to non tongas in the close to 60 years of Zambia’s independence. FTJ,MCS and ECL’s home provinces did not contimously give them overwhelming votes when they felt they had something to offer the country?. The good Rev. mentions Rwanda- a country brought to its knees by ethnic hegemonists. The sad part is that some Revs were complicity in the ethnic hate agenda.

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