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Miles Sampa has no right to advise the New Dawn Government on how to handle KCM


Copperbelt-based good governance activist Peter Mulenga has said people should detach politics from the issue surrounding the ownership of Konkola Copper Mines.

Mr. Mulenga was reacting to a comment made by Patriotic Front (PF) Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa which suggested that KCM is a time bomb on the treasury if not resolved today.

Mr. Sampa said Chingola is on ice and there is no money in circulation for the residents and entire country partly because KCM is non-functioning.

The Matero Lawmaker said Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe seem to have no say on the mines other than being a complainant.

But Mr. Mulenga said it was shocking that Mr. Sampa is now lecturing the New Dawn Government on how to handle the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) issue just months after his party lost power.

He wondered why Mr. Sampa did not advise the PF regime on KCM before the last August Elections.

The business executive said the government should be given chance and time clean the chaos left by PF among them the KCM issue.

Mr. Mulenga said blame game won’t help matters of KCM.

He said the Mines Minister and government has shown potential to unlock the mining sector and KCM in particular.

“It is shocking that PF Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa is now lecturing the New Dawn Government on how to handle the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) issue just months after his beloved party lost power. It is laughable to hear Mr. Sampa suggest that KCM is a time bomb on the treasury if not resolved today. The Matero MP has demonstrated double standards on this issue. Where was Mr. Sampa when the KCM issue was dragging on during the PF reign? Why didn’t he make the suggestions is making today over KCM to his party OF when they were in power. Zambians are wise and able to read between the lines. The people of Zambia are able to see that the New Dawn Government is cleaning the mess left by Mr. Sampa’s party PF,” Mr. Mulenga said.

“The KCM issue is one of the many chaos created by the PF which the new government is sorting out. Let people allow the UPND government to correct the mess left by the PF. The Minister of Miners and Minerals Development Honourable Paul Kabuswe has already guided the nation on steps the government is taking to unlock the mining sector and KCM in particular. It is vague to say that the Mines seem to have no say on Mines. We all know that the government’s hand was tied by court cases surrounding KCM. Mr. Sampa should not attach politics to a very important issue concerning the unlocking of KCM. This is not a time to play petty politics devoid of character and sanity,” he said.

Mr. Mulenga said it was tough for Zambians to trust PF leaders again.

“These are serious times demanding serious answers from serious people. Instead, we have politicians like Sampa and Nakacinda, who reckon they got the problem worked out only if we give them another mandate in 2026. Zambia is in need of a serious and strong opposition. People must be serious for once. In my opinion the only serious politician offering proper checks is the Green Party. Oh, of course, how stupid of us! There was me thinking people voted them out because they have no other option.But no, apparently, it’s because they thought PF were worse than they think. They should simply be shown how it can be done! With time and following proper channels I am confident the government will facilitate the resolution of the KCM issue. We have leadership in President Hakainde Hichilema and Mr. Kabuswe that is capable of resolving the KCM issue in the best interest of the nation. Let us trust the process,” Mr. Mulenga said.


  1. Rights dont come into the discussion here. Everyone including those just arriving at UTH maternity ward can advise anyone. Who are you to declare who has the rights?

  2. This is the cadre, cheap and praise singer politics we don’t need from chaps like Mr. Mulenga. Every Zambian has the right and obligations to have a say about national issues. And that includes Miles Sampa. Losing power and becoming an opposition party does not mean that one has to shut up.

  3. Peter Mulenga is the kind of cadre and praise singer mother Zambia doesn’t need. Every Zambian be it political, non political, christian, non christian, red, black or white etc has every right to speak about our national assets. Muli bapuba imwe ba Mulenga and you shame our name.

  4. The KCM saga may define HH’s presidency and he really needs to work around this meticulously as he has so far. Indeed Vedanta are the legal majority owners of KCM, however, they have lost all goodwill to do business in Zambia. On the other hand, our brothers and sisters on the Copperbelt need jobs and need this mine to get up and running. The resolution of this matter will involve Vedanta being offered what will be deemed as fair value for the mine and them accepting it. Handing the mine back is a poisoned chalice especially with the arrogance that Vedanta has shown thus far.

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