Constituency Development Fund is Practically Workable-Mutati


Technology and Science Minister says constituency development fund (CDF) is practically workable and yielding results as demonstrated by St Mawaggali trades training institute that has taken advantage to utilising the proceeds (CDF resources) and enrolled 170 local youths pursuing various skills development programs.

Speaking during his familiarisation of the college in Choma, Mr Mutati commended St. Mawaggali management for the demonstrated innovations and capability to deliver practical skills training evidently tracked on it’s rich and success record of quality desk production – supply entrepreneurial activities and flying the Zambian flag with outstanding extra curricular participation in the World Skills Training competitions on international fronts.

Mr Mutati was grateful that the college carpentry production was responding to the desk initiative pronounced by President Hakainde Hichilema that every child in class must occupy a desk.

Minister called on all TEVET colleges to emulate St Mawaggali’s initiative in skills development, desk production, and entrepreneurship activities.

Mr Mutati said under Education ministry (official information) 3,800 new class rooms will be constructed in the province hence he challenged St Mawaggali to prepare and increase desk production.

He put an emphasis on providing quality skills development and equip students with appropriate skills in order to transform and uplift their livelihoods driven with entrepreneurial activities.

Mr Mutati disclosed that St Mawaggali trades will be supported with minimal seed funds by the ministry to commence a large scale desk production.
He told management and students that in the agricultural skills activities the trained students will be supported with entrepreneurial outlet market survey to assist them start conducting their various businesses.

Mr Mutati also directed the college to collaborate with the national technology and business council (NTBC) to seek guidance and translate it’s innovations into practical outputs through outlined procedures and finance support in view of the 22 million innovation budget.

He called on the college mangement to put to good use proceeds of the CDF for provided skills training development programs.

And St Mawaggali trades principal Thom Chewe Kampamba said the college was proud that now its delivering and enhanced on training through use of state of the art training equipment provided by the government.

He said despite challenges the college has recorded success in the delivery of quality training and entrepreneurial activities.


  1. CDF might be practically working. But the truth is that it is not working in reality – bureaucracy, corruption and incompetence!

  2. There he is on his campiagn tour Mr Minister without portifolio….CDF is only workable if people know how to access it, what happens at the end of the financial year if monies have not been utilised?

  3. May be a good start yes but those desks need a lot of improvement.
    What’s that hole in the middle of the desk for? Where does a student out the books on that small desk – on the floor? They could create a cabin underneath.
    They should copy Canisius Secondary school if in doubt and no need to reinvent the wheel. This is a bit disappointing for a large well known college but they will improve.

  4. ladies and Gentlemen, every new program has teething problems. Lets give a chance to the system to try and work. Everything goes through a process. Did you get born and started walking, no. We are coming from an era where the money was for PF cadres. Just improve on work culture. Mutati is Minister and the college is under his ministry. Sometime lets learn to have constructive criticism

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