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The FIC Report to be presented to Law enforcement agencies without any alterations-HH


President Hakainde Hichilema has said that the 2021 Financial Intelligence Centre trends report will be presented to law enforcement agencies without any alterations.

Commenting on the FIC report on arrival from the Commonwealth Heads of State meeting in Rwanda, President Hichilema said that this time around there will be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption.

President Hichilema said that he has not yet gone through the report but is not surprised that the report highlights people who put their hands in public funds.

President Hichilema said that the fight against corruption should not be reduced to ethnicity when law enforcement agencies act on the report, adding that people cannot take away what belongs to the public and hide behind an ethnic group.

The Head of State has encouraged the media to go through the (FIC) report and play an oversight role.

And President Hichilema said the new government needs to introduce itself to all nations in order to have a good relationship with the global community.

He said no country can operate as an island and that is why the trips that he is undertaking are necessary.

President Hichilema said one of the things that took him to the European Union headquarters in Belgium is the setting up of a 150 billion Euros fund for construction which is only accessed on first come first serve basis and the quality of projects presented.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema said the government signed an agreement in Rwanda to grow that Country’s food in Zambia which will in the long run improve the price offered to the farmers.


  1. Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap. Our Chief Marketing Officer is doing a commendable job.

  2. I hope the same happens when the FIC 2022 Report is out…if he is trully serious about fighting corruption then he should remove his office from even seeing the report let if be passed straight to Law enforcement agencies.

  3. “………government signed an agreement in Rwanda to grow that Country’s food in Zambia which will in the long run improve the price offered to the farmers….”

    The vision this president displays is on another level………..

    I dont see any competition on the horizon amongst the opposition……….

    • And how does that benefit the Zambian commerical farmer…Rwanda will have its State companies run the farms its own staff to ensure food secruity

  4. So far its all talk people want to see airtight cases brought before the courts …the ACC is not competent enough to undertake such cases

  5. Let’s face it – TEN MONTHS in power but NOTHING has happened on the anti-corruption front. And all those PF bozos are laughing their way all the way to the crypto currency exchange.

  6. This f00I hh was named in the paradise papers few years ago. He crookedly undervalued state resources during privatisation and yet here he is trying to be holy than thou. Fuseke

  7. I hope whoever is found wanting won’t be asked to return the looted funds and go scot free. These criminals need to test the agony of prison life

  8. There is URGENT need to revamp the skills of the ACC and DEC,even if it means hiring private prosecutors to take these cases to courts…let us be prepared to pay the private prosecutors what they are worth based on successful prosecution of each case.
    I believe we have the right Chairman at ACC,Musa Mwenya,the people want to see a change and that change means putting these corrupt PF chaps behind bars…

  9. Present the 2021 FIC report to law enforcement agencies. At least, it will help citizens know whether they are based on solid evidence or not. Should no convictions be made, Zambians will draw conclusions about them.

  10. As we have seen , it’s not worth throwing people in jail without an airtight case…….

    The president is right on concentrating on the economic front while law enforcement builds capacity to chase white collar crime till the end…………..

    It’s been 10 years of PF running down on purpose the capacity of law enforcement to prosecute financial crimes………….

    Records are there………….

    No matter where the theives hide, justice will visit them…………

  11. Mpulungu Port should be busy with all the trade coming its way. The Northern provinces should benefit from this demand for food from our neighbours.

  12. Talk by current leaders of non-existent ethnic bias in Zambia is mere rhetoric and tons of bluffing. Independent observers are analysing tribal supremacies. The advent of COVID-19 pandemic witnessed the then Minister of Health embrace professional experts to work as a formidable team to curtail this virus. However, the current Govt removed Dr. Malama but retained Dr. Mukonka to work with Dr. Magwende. Besides, in UK CEOs of major Banks (Barclays, HSBC, Lloyd, NatWest) DO NOT patronise corridors of political power; yet a Zambian Bank CEO suddenly gets excited to patronise corridors of power as customer services deteriorate. These are ugly facets of ethnic bias.. All Zambians now live in FEAR.

  13. As long as colleagues are listed this report will be altered. I lost confidence in the human race after 1992.

  14. 1990s………..the shock of privatisation,the sale of parastatal companies,the plunder of national resources and asset stripping saw a lot of loss jobs and loss of families.Many industries went under the bridge which employed many Zambians.A few individuals enriched themselves out of the sale and privatisation of many industries.

  15. FIC is always over exaggerated and sensationalized just so that they can be praised and salaries justified. Otherwise all the culprits from the 2020 report have either been acquitted or nolle entered against them due to lack of evidence.

  16. @Tarino Orange: The president must remove himself from receiving the financial intelligency report? Who do you pushed for this report to be expedited? Do you also think that during that during the 10yrs of PF there were no Financial intelligency reports there? They were there but im sure you never heard of a single one of them. Why? Cos it takes the Man in charge of a country(Also known as the President) to endorse such undertakings and monitor their execution and materialising. Without this political will-you ll sit here & talk of coruption all you want & nothing will happen. Mind you, Every single Dictator that you heard of , also receives such a report from his ministers,and every year while some do it quaterly.

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