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Chief Chizela calls to intervene in Kalengwa mine impasse


Chief Chizela of Mufumbwe has implored government to help in ending the unceasing litigation over the ownership of Kalengwa mine in the district.

Speaking through his spokesperson, Lapson Kayombo during this year’s Ntongo traditional ceremony over the weekend, Chief Chizela said the Kalengwa dispute on ownership has been a subject of litigation for over ten years.

The traditional leader said meanwhile Zambia’s Supreme Court has on four occasions, passed its ruling in favour of Euro Africa Kalengwa Mining Limited who are in partnership with Moxico Mineral Resources.

Chief Chizela said despite the ruling from the Supreme Court, the Chizela Royal Establishment and the people of Zambia have seen the High Court repeating what the Supreme Court had finished.

The traditional leader is however, confident that the current government will ensure that the said litigations will come to an end, saying Zambia now has a government with respect for the rule of law.

“Now that we have a responsible government led by President Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia, we trust that the situation will change. Guest of honour, let me remind you that the people of Zambia voted out a vicious government that had no regard for rule of law.

“Now that we have a determined government with a vision to take Zambia to greater heights, we expect this government to end these litigations,” he said.

Chief Chizela said people in his chiefdom prefer seeing Moxico Mineral Resources opening the Kalengwa mine so that young people can get employment at the exploration firm.

And North-Western Province Minister, Robert Lihefu has expressed government’s commitment to supporting investments which will increase the production of copper in the country.

Mr Lihefu said increased copper production means an increase in wealth as well as poverty alleviation in the country.

“Because, if we are going to have increased production in copper, we are going to increase wealth for this nation and end poverty. Not only that, we are going to increase the collection of our taxes,” he said.

Mr Lihefu has since pledged to ensure that the long over-due ownership of Kalengwa mine comes to a conclusive end.

“This government, your government under the leadership of Mr Hakainde Hichilema, has taken note of all the challenges (ownership disputes and litigations) that you have been going through in the past and that will be in the past and will not repeat itself,” he said.

Meanwhile, Moxico Mineral Resources Country Director, Davies Mwanamoya said Moxico Resources is indeed best described by the firm’s slogan which states that ‘we are here to stay’ as it is the only mining organization working in partnership with local people.

Mr Mwanamoya said Moxico is possibly the only mining firm where local people have a privilege to be directors, which is in line with the government’s desired investment approach.

“Why are we here to stay? Because we are the only company that works in partnership with the local people,” he said.


  1. The Kalengwa Mine ownership saga is one typical example of how rotten our Judiciary is. I hope Mulambo Haimbe, SC will have enough courage to cleanse the Judiciary. Criminals hide behind injunctions and delayed judgements. I think it should be made very easy to discipline rogue judges. We must also put deadlines on which cases must be concluded and judgements passed.

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