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Kellys Kaunda advises President Hakainde Hichilema to replace his entire media team at Statehouse


Kellys Kaunda, the Chief Information Officer for 12K Energy Group, has advised President Hakainde Hichilema to replace his entire media team at Statehouse.

Posting on his Facebook page in reaction to what he described as taking his article out of context, Mr Kaunda accused the current media team to have let the president down and warned that soon the president will realise how a scam the team is.

Mr Kaunda listed a number of incidents where the media team had let the president down and cautioned that if the president chooses to keep his media team, he will have no one except himself to blame should Zambians continue to misperceive his moves.

Below is the full post


The Watchdog, run by some members of the President’s media team has taken my article this morning out of context. The lamentations regarding staff turnover after the change of government was made by UPND members on a panel that included Dr. Munshya, who is now High Commissioner-designate to Australia.

Deceitfully, the State House media team left out this fact, typical of how they always covered stories even when they were in the opposition. This line of media communication will not cut it now that you are in State House.

So far, you have lamentably let down President Hakainde Hichilema and the country at large. Responding to my article doesn’t come anywhere nearer what is expected of you. You may hoodwink a few people around you but not any communicator worth his salt.
Here is how you have lamentably failed President Hakainde Hichilema.

When he announced his cabinet along with new ministries, some of which include the Green Economy, did any of you lay out any strategic communication plan to unpack the concept of a green economy and how it is related to climate change policies?
When the President made his inaugural speech to the UN General Assembly, did any of you even realize that the man was outlining his foreign policy objectives by rolling out a communication strategy to this effect?

The President set up a public/private dialogue forum, did any of you communicators at State House demonstrate how big this development was in policy formulation and implementation or business/state relations and their relevance to national development?

The President makes one of the most important speeches of his career before the EU parliament, did you demonstrate any knowledge of what that speech meant and how it should be received?

The President has touted the increase in CDF as a major development in Zambia, has any of you media team members demonstrated any knowledge regarding public policy implementation and how this may be communicated to secure a public understanding of what it means?
I can go on and on.

This President is way beyond your paygrade. You have scammed the man into believing that you are the right people for the job. Yes, I have the right to be angry because, I alone, can handle the job you have lamentably failed. And believe you me, should this President offer me to run the State House media team, I will accept because I owe it to the Zambian people.

The man you are serving ran an empire in the private sector where merit was the currency of trade. If you think he is not going to realise that his media team is a scam, you are out of your minds. If he chooses to keep you, he has no one except himself to blame should Zambians continue to misperceive his moves.


  1. Good points I think only RB had the best media team…running an opposition party media team is not same as State House this needs professionals not cadres. Look at Dr. Munshya from a lawyer in Canada to go and push pens and attend ceremonies in Oz taking over from that chap Father Bwalya.

  2. There is substance in what you have pointed out on the shortcomings of the State House media team and no-one can claim that you are just after a job as you have clearly pointed out that is part of your objective. Your boldness alone is worth taking your seriously!

  3. Whenever one vies for public office or indeed any other, they have an idea or imagination of how they’d like things to turn out and which team to play which role. Bally had been running for the top job since 2006 and he’s been at the helm of the UPND for almost the same duration. One of the weaknesses he had was his choice of associates and partners. How many wrong characters did he embrace? If you review the Zambian Watchdog forum you’d wonder why he’d wish to be associated with such a media house. He embraced GBM & CK who’re now facing the Law. So even the team that is under-performing was constituted by the man. This is the best he can put together. Look at at his advisor William Banda! He’s brought Batuke Imenda an outsider and given him a very important position in the Party,…

    • You are so right about the Zambia Watchdog team. There’s no sober president who would want to have that pack of wolves next to him. They are ethicless, amateur, vengeful news trashers whose product noone who has been to school would want to consume.

  4. He forgot to mention that the Govt spokeswoman is not only ill-qualified but can not conduct a Q&A session with the media….she is basically an empty suit…that’s another own goal.

  5. Kaunda started the article well until he started job seeking. HH has a long way to honour ZWD team before he can look at Kunda. We have cadres in suits now.

    • kci – You should also try to move on and stop seeing issues in only black and white colours …the man is clarifying an issue and highlighting flaws of the State House media team. His only mistake is naive thinking State House is full of reporters but spindoctors

  6. 1. b> The State House Media Team is failing HH and Zambia as a whole. A naïve sense of judgement and associations – is what will bring HH down which includes his Media Team who are failing him and bringing the president’s office to an embarrassment. Like Ayatollah has mentioned above. When GBM became Defence Minister; he openly boastfully told Zambians that – “ I am in politics for the money and nothing else.” Panji Kaunda had made a complaint about GBM’s corruption to Sata. Yet HH went to pick GBM to be his VP.

  7. 2. Any open-minded Zambian knows that Fred Mmembe had arrogantly refused to pay taxes over the years which amounted to $27m, which led him to lose The Post. HH was among the people that had openly criticised Mmembe that he must pay his taxes and that it was a serious crime Mmembe had committed. Yet HH went and stood with Mmembe shoulder to shoulder that he [HH] fully supported Mmembe on the matter of taxes. HH supported Mmembe because he wanted media coverage from The Post having learnt how Mmembe helped Sata to power. HH was willing to go to bed with the snake and thief – if it benefited him getting the support from a thief and a snake.

  8. 3. HH has many times displayed the habit of choosing profitability to Virtue Values. What he says with his right hand often is the opposite of his left hand. Why is HH afraid to demote The Chief Government Spokesperson & Minister of Information, whom even civics pupils at secondary school know she is useless. Is he afraid of her husband whom he has awarded a $50m Fertilizer Tender, which was done very corruptly? What damage to the nation and his regime will it take for the Government Spokesperson & Minister of Information to be dropped?

  9. Statehouse needs to employ mordern media specialists……………

    Not those in statehouse who only know whatapp and FB…………..

  10. Given what Kellys has pointed out his criticism of the State House Media team is very watertight. Whether he is looking for a job or not if I were HH I would take note of this critique. If possible I would offer him tthe main media job at State House. It would be of big benefit to State House, if not my country.

  11. #12 Rob, be factual do not display your ignorance of being unschooled. Kellys has stated issues which most well informed Zambians are concerned about how communication from head of state is scammed by media team. This has resulted in Zambians not well informed. So, perish the thought of PF mentality.

  12. Nowadays few people are attracted to government media,because there’s private and renowned international TV stations,Multichoice,online media and
    local stations are available.

  13. Well articulated points, Howevr everyone works with those he feels have his back, and usually goes with trust built over a period of time.. With time the Media team shall be equal to the task. Kelly is a good critique , howver he wouldn’t find it easy to work in this same media team based on past relationship

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