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Emmanuel Mwamba wonders why Mumbi Phiri has not been brought before the court


Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee and Deputy Chairperson of Information and Publicity, Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba has expressed concern that former PF Deputy Secretary-General, Mumbi Phiri has not been presented before the High Court, 133 days after she was arrested.

Speaking at the Supreme Court Grounds earlier today, Mr Mwamba wondered why Mumbi Phiri has not been brought before the court.

He said this was contrary to frequent assertions by President Hakainde Hichilema who says police must avoid arrests until thorough investigations were completed or that matters must be brought before court promptly.

Mr Mwamba said the law should not be used to oppress political opponents or be used for retribution or vengeance.

And Amb. Mwamba has also expressed concern about the arrest of a lawyer hired by the Patriotic Front to disburse campaign funds to pay media houses and other service providers during the run-up to the August 12th Elections.

He said there is no law in Zambia obliging a political party to disclose campaign funds or to be regulated on the use of electoral campaign funds.

He said the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) was abusing the laws on anti-money laundering and proceeds of crime and were abusing it to tackle the issue of electoral campaign funds.

On Monday, the DEC arrested Lusaka Lawyer, Anna Mwitwa of Anna Mwitwa Legal Practitioners on charges of being in possession of property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime.

But Mr Mwamba said all these actions by the DEC were designed to cripple the Patriotic Front and punish whoever was associated with the former ruling party.

He said it is for this reason that the DEC had also seized campaign vehicles of the party across the country in a clear move meant to paralyze the operations of the Patriotic Front.

He urged the DEC not to be an active tool of oppression of the UPND and its desire to destroy the Patriotic Front which is an active participant in the democratic process in Zambia.


  1. Law enforcement is healthy in a healthy environment. The same is opposite in an environment that breeds hate, operates under a blindfold and is thirsty to stifle opponents. Mwamba may, and is calling for due process the same menu unavailable during PF rule. What a shame of governments we elect. You are ALL excited about your own pursuit at the expense of the poor electorate. There’s never been a people-centric government in Zambia, in my judgment. Just a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. After lying to you that people will need be kept in jail for long without trial, that is exactly what is happening under this incompetent evil gay satanist regime. Hh will be the worst autocrat Africa has ever seen. Already his ministers are complaining about him. You were warned.

  3. .
    “….He said there is no law in Zambia obliging a political party to disclose campaign funds or to be regulated on the use of electoral campaign funds….”

    There are laws against looting of GRZ resources, unfortunately………….

  4. The fact you have introduced this Mwamba as a Pay Forward (PF) Member of the Central Committee and Deputy Chairperson of Information and Publicity should cancel out that title of Ambassdor …maybe at his local pub that title applies but not here.

  5. Miscarriage of Justice. They are phishing out for evidence to fit the charge. The poor sordid soul languishes as someone settles a political score. This is so sad. I expected better from the new dispensation. But they are all turning out to be sheep in wolves clothing. Looks like PF apparatichiks will have to pay 10 times over for HH’s incaceration over the that traffic infringement. UPND have not forgotten; neither will they forgive.

  6. They still have not gathered information. There is nothing that is directly connected to her. Being vocal does not mean who should be treated unjustly. Shame on some of the bloggers

  7. This ex Chiluba guard must tell his party. When are they going to elect a new president after the much loved ECL resigned.

  8. PF survived by milking GRZ…………..

    even the money they have stashed away is stolen money…………

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  10. We are also wondering why in the 127 days HH spent in Jail, He was not brought before the courts??????

    • That was treason! Not defamation. You just don’t overtake a head of state’s motorcade as HH himself will tell you when he drives from New Kasama

  11. In fact it was the same Mumbi who pushed for HH to be incarcerated @ Mukobeko on flimsy trumped up treas0n charges using short bunyani Chimpyongo & now Shes enjoying a taste of her warped pompous N.P.F mind.
    Manje 12 days chabe’ muchifungo, wayamba kulila?
    Koseni Madam, Koseni fye’!!

  12. In f@ct it was the same Mumb1 who pushed for H.H to be incarcer@ted @ Muk0beko on flimsy trumped up tr3as0n charges using short bunyani Chimpy0ngo & now Shes enj0ying a taste of her warped p0mpous N.P.F mind.
    Manje 12 days chabe’ muchifungo, w4yamba kulila?
    K0seni Madam, K0seni fye’!!

    To be self spokesperson, and outdo others so as to appear cleverer than the rest, always make you the lead suspect.

  14. If you plant hatred like they are systematically doing, they will certainly harvest it. Think not that those who are quite now will remain ndwiiiii forever. Mukesalila bane.

  15. She must taste the inhumane deplorable conditions of our prisons.The longer she stay in jail without appearing in court the better coz she will reveal the truth.

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