Tuesday, June 18, 2024

USAID commits $60 million towards addressing Zambia’s economic challenges


The United States government has committed to contribute over 60 million United Stated dollars to Zambia to help address some of the economic challenges the country is facing.

USAID Administrator, Samantha Power said 9 million United States Dollars will go towards addressing the immediate effects of high fuel prices and food insecurity in the country.

Ms Power noted that the 30 million United States Dollars will go towards boosting trade and investment in the country to attract foreign markets and the other 20 million United States Dollars will go towards Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs).

She added that the other 4 million United States Dollars will go towards addressing some of the legal reforms arising from integrity and corruption among other things.

The Administrator announced this investment yesterday when she paid a courtesy call on President Hakainde Hichilema at State House yesterday.

Ms Power added that the US government is committed to supporting Zambia’s democratic advances by addressing issues of economic humanitarian and geopolitical issues.

She however commended government for the excellent reform agenda of the country adding that the US government will continue to support Zambia so that the country can be reformed to become a better country.

Ms Power said 10 months ago, Zambia was filled with things to deal with corruption and high inflation rates adding that the world can see the commitment that the new government is doing to change the picture.

And President Hakainde Hichilema has thanked the United States government for the unwavering support that they have continued to give Zambia.

Mr Hichilema noted that the United States government has supported Zambia in almost all the sectors of the economy starting from education, health and water reticulation among others.

He said the funds that the US government has committed to give Zambia will go a long way in addresses some economic challenges.

The Head of State noted that the funds will help balance the economy and in turn market Zambia internationally.

HH with USAID Administrator, Samantha Power
HH with USAID Administrator, Samantha Power



  2. At least these are grants which dont impact the national debt….Not the high interest loans from China which ECL and the PF loved.

  3. ….,,,,for this community we say……..Excuses should not become standard answer to challenges facing this community,this is because of what we told the people we would do for them once assuming office……..

  4. The PF rats would rather see massive Chinese loans for overpriced projects that are over ambitious…………..

    Like the KK international airport build to cater for more than 100 planes landing every week…………..

    Now the airport can’t pay for itself , leading to exorbitant charges , scaring everyone away…………

  5. Be sensible praise singers. Come on wake up. hh will sell this country to the west the imperialists. This is shameful indeed and Zambia will not go anywhere.

  6. Instead of taxing the mine, this government would rather go and beg for its own money from the people they are giving tax holidays.

  7. Ati ……tax the mines………

    Zambia has tried every tax configuration on the mines there is to try for taxes on the mines…………..

    Tax Experts , forigne and local have been advising GRZ , ………..

    Then some PF rat comes along and says tax the mines ??????

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