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Zambia seeks enhanced health sector ties with Czech Republic


Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo, says there is need for Zambia to create resilient systems of health care delivery that will withstand emergencies and disease outbreaks.

And Ms. Masebo has said Zambia stands ready to strengthen its mutual relations with the Czech Republic in the provision of quality health care services among its citizens.

ZANIS reports that Ms. Masebo said with the increase in non-communicable diseases and the prevailing high burden of malaria and tuberculosis, Zambia needs a strong health care system that citizens will depend on irrespective of the disease.

She said this in Ndola during the Czech Republic Solutions for Zambian Health Care meeting today.

“We have inadequate and dilapidated health infrastructure across the country, inadequate diagnostic services such as CT scans, MRI scans, cancer treatment equipment, well-coordinated ambulance system among others,” Ms. Masebo said.

She said the focus of the forum is to explore new joint investment opportunities aimed at building a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient health sector.

Ms. Masebo further said Zambia appreciates Czech Republic’s support to the Ministry of Health, particularly in the provision of vaccines as well as infrastructure development.

And Czech Republic’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Martin Tlapa said Zambia and his country have strong bilateral ties dating back from 1965.

Mr. Tlapa said his country is ready to provide the needed solutions in Zambia’s health sector.

He noted that there is need to invest in health systems through a well-trained cadre of technicians and lab technicians among others through the centre of excellence his country wants to build in Zambia.

Mr. Tlapa observed that Zambia is full of natural resources and talented people which investors from his country can take advantage of adding that he was inspired by the speech delivered by President Hakainde Hichilema at the European union.

He said there is need to put together private business initiatives from both countries and find solutions in the health sector.

Mr. Tlapa said apart from health, his team also will prioritise investment in agriculture and security in order to enhance the food supply chain in Zambia and Europe.

Meanwhile, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Gary Nkombo said resources have been sent into communities and local people now have an opportunity to address challenges especially in the health sector.

Mr. Nkombo said through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), communities now have an opportunity to buy specialised health equipment such as CT scans and others to improve health care services.

He said there will be no need for people to travel to Lusaka for them to get quality health care if they use the CDF for equipping their health facilities.

And Copperbelt Province Minister, Elisha Matambo, said the region remains the engine of the economy for Zambia hence the need to have a healthy population.


  1. Czechs are very resourceful and brilliant with roads and farming equipment. These guys are far cheaper than their western Europeans counterparts when doing business. The two nations have one thing in common, both are very serious when it comes to beer drinking. The Czechs are among the first Europeans to brew beer with brands such as Budweiser, Pilsner and Staropramen. I think we can do business with them.

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