ECZ Registers only 1,527 new voters from 9 provincial districts since the start of the process last month

ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano during a press briefing in Lusaka
ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano during a press briefing in Lusaka

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has only registered a total of 1,527 new voters from 9 provincial districts in Zambia since the commencement of the Continuous Voter Registration last month.

Out of the 1,527 new registrations, 484 are female, 1,043 are male and 12 persons living with disabilities from which Solwezi District captured 20 per cent of the new registrations with the least being Chinsali District which accounts for 4 per cent of the total newly captured voters.

Making this revelation at the ongoing Trade Fair in Ndola today, ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano also disclosed that the commission recorded 300 transfers for various reasons including relocations and 584 replacements for lost or damaged voters cards.

Mr Nshindano has also announced that the commission has today, in accordance with constitutional amendment act number 22 of 2016 and article 46 of the electoral process act number 35 of 2016, part 2, section 7, launched the continuous voter registration in Mongu District of the western province where the exercise could not commence last month due to a by-election in limbo ward.

The ECZ commenced continuous voter registration in 9 provincial districts on 1st June 2022 after the last registration period that took place between 9th November and 20th December 2020, capturing a total of 7,023, 499 registered voters translating into about 80 per cent of eligible citizens at the time.


  1. How can the whole ECZ register 1500 new voters? With ECZ’s budget one person can do that job with a car and register 10 times that amount of people with that period.
    ECZ should be focusing also on getting equipment for printing ballots right here in Zambia instead of wasting millions of dollars doing it in Dubai for the last 15 years.

  2. It is no surprise that the least registrations are in pf stronghold. They have already started rigging because they know they can’t win a second term. Their God hh has failed.

  3. Am thinking exactly the same as @Tarino.
    1 voter is costing ECZ $10000, ten thousand American dollar.
    I thought PF was gone, alas… There still idyots around.

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