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Ministry of Finance says it has released 50% of the CDF Annual Allocation


The Ministry of Finance and National Planning has in June 2022, released a total of K1.3 billion for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), social cash transfer programme, food security pack, and purchase of drugs and medical supplies.

Of the resources released the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) got K605 million for on-going constituency-level capital projects, countrywide. This brings the total CDF releases in 2022 to K2 billion – representing 50% budget performance on this expenditure item. In this regard, the Minister of Finance and National Planning Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, MP, takes this opportunity to appeal to stakeholders in the CDF implementation chain to scale-up activities and ensure that the absorption capacity is enhanced so that the intended objectives met.

Furthermore, K411.9 million has been funded to the Ministry of Health for purchase of drugs and medical supplies – bringing the total releases for the period under review to K2.7 billion. This represents 79.6 percent budget performance.

Social protection programmes have received K269.3 million this month for expenditure related to the food security pack and social cash transfer programmes. The total releases for the period January to June now stands at K1.9 billion – representing a performance of 45 percent; albeit, in line with programme schedules. The foregoing funding measures by the Treasury reflect the Government’s commitment to uplifting the living conditions of the people of Zambia while upholding budget credibility and predictability.

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning wishes to encourage institutions like the Public Service Pensions Fund, through established channels, to ensure that they give quarterly updates on their activities of public interest like pension payments, so that our people countrywide remain well-informed. Although no funding has been made in June, 2022, the Treasury has for the period January to June, 2022, released the entire K2, 067, 042, 479 allocated for pensions in the 2022 National Budget. This action was taken to ensure that outstanding pension dues are cleared. Further allocations will be made for pensions through supplementary budget proposals to be presented soon to parliament for approval.

We also take this opportunity to re-affirm the announcement made earlier by the Minister that a mid-year budget and economic performance review forum will be held in July, 2022. At this event, comprehensive details on the performance of the budget and other developmental matters for the period January to June, 2022 will be shared and discussed in line with the anticipated improved implementation of the 2022 National Budget in the second half of the year.


  1. Congratulations to the ND Government. Numbers do not lie. The government promised to release the money, there it is. Its now up to other actors as stipulated by the constitution to do their part. People say the guidelines are too hard for people. Unfortunately this is what is stipulated by the act. Business require a good thought process. we do not want people to get the money and start buying cars.

  2. You mean released in upnd strongholds only. This will be the biggest corruption scandal in zambia. Watch and see

    • Does your mind ever think beyond politics? The statistics are on the website, stop living in a delusional bubble of self-oppression.

    • Price of fuel is up yet your hhs cooked up figures shows inflation is dropping. Look how f00Iish you look. Supporting based on tribe is always like this. You even start supporting f00Iish things whilst you are also suffering.

    • Based on tribe? Far from it, I do not share a tribe anything similar to HH. What I do not agree with is you lying that CDF has only been disbursed to UPND strongholds, whatever that means. You are being deceitful and when you are challenged to back your assertions you change the topic. Who talked about inflation?

  3. Ubukopo Ba Kaizar, who said inflation means commodity prices are coming down ? Inflation simply means commodity prices are increasing at a decreasing rate !! In simple terms the increase is slowing down.

    • This fool said Increasing at a decreasing rate. Can you hear how f00Iish that sounds. Haha that is like me saying I am running forward backwards. You upnd praise singers are one of the dumbest mother farkers i have ever come across

    • This f00l said Increasing at a decreasing rate. Can you hear how f00Iish that sounds. Haha that is like me saying I am running forward backwards. You upnd praise singers are one of the dumbest mother f.a.rkers i have ever come across

    • Ba Kaizar, you have just never really been to school. See how the lot in your party started scrounging to upgrade their G7 certificates to G12.

  4. Where’s all this money going? Benefits aren’t being felt by common people on the ground. If CDF is released and money is disbursed to different projects, then why aren’t we feeling it as capital injection in the local economy? Can someone break it down for me please?!

  5. @ Kaizer Sosala: Keep on blogging brother whilst almost all your friends you saw disappear here are busy writing Business plans and Proposals to Supply School Desks, To Build Classrooms and many many other different projects cos the money is there. For all, including PF cadres if you may.

    • You talk about others, yet there you are h0led up in South Africa. If you choose living in xenophobic south Africa over zambia, that just shows how terrible things are here in zambia. If you are that confident in your f00Iish bally them why don’t you come back

  6. I don’t see council workers in the field doing work as it is the standard expected of them.l wonder what the problem is.Let Chingola Town Council attend to pothole in Kabundi central avenue and drain covers at the junction between Kabundi central and Kabundi road.A lot of pedestrians are in danger as they compete with motorists avoid to hit the pothole.

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