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Lusaka Times given 48 hours to retract online story alleging Cabinet Ministers want to resign


Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda has given 48 hours to Lusaka Times and Tikambeko News to retract stories published on their online platforms alleging that some Cabinet Ministers want to resign from their ministerial positions. Mrs Kasanda who is also Chief Government Spokesperson described the stories published by the named online media platforms as disheartening.

Speaking during a media briefing today, Mrs Kasanda said at no point did Tikambeko News interview her over the story attributed to her on its online platform. Mrs Kasanda indicated during the media briefing that on June 30th she never had any engagement or interview with Tikambeko News. The Minister said the online publication was peddling lies to allege that she had an interview with them.

“At no point did I address the UPND members, my family or friends over the same,” stated the Minister.

Mrs Kasanda said it is saddening that some media platforms have decided to take the root of publishing falsehoods. She stated that peddling falsehoods will not take the country forward. The Minister has since directed people behind the spreading of falsehood on social media to immediately stop.

She wondered why the people behind the publishing of fake news are targeting the women folk. The Minister complained that women have continued being bullied via online a development she said has contributed to women shunning to join politics.

She said unfair attacks on women have contributed to low numbers of women participating in decision making positions. Mrs Kasanda was reacting to a story published by Tikambeko News where it alleged that Mrs Kasanda assured UPND members that she has no intentions of resigning from the party.

“Am not one of them intending to resign, says Chushi Kasanda as assures the UPND members,” she said.

Meanwhile the Information and Media Minister assured the country that no Cabinet Minister has any intentions of resigning from their Ministerial positions as reported in the media.

Reacting to a story published by Lusaka times on the 29th of June 2022, where it alleged that some Ministers are threatening to resign from their positions.

“The new dawn Ministers threaten to resign, accuse the President of undermining them.”

Mrs Kasanda said President Hichilema is not micromanaging any of the cabinet Ministers as alleged by the article published by Lusaka times.

Mrs Kasanda has since assured the country that no Cabinet Minister has intentions of resigning from the UPND government.

“I want to assure the country today that there is no single Minister that is resigning from the UPND government. No single Minister is ready to leave their Ministries or government.”

She said all the serving Cabinet Ministers are ready to work with the new dawn government. We have no intentions whatsoever.

Mrs Kasanda questioned why Ministers would want to resign when the government is delivering on its promises.

She said the UPND government is fulfilling the promises it made to the Zambian people ahead of the 2021 general elections.

The Chief Government Spokesperson has implored people publishing falsehoods to desist and accept that there can only be one Minister at time.

Mrs Kasanda has since cautioned the media to refrain from abusing freedom of expression by publishing fake stories.


    • And someone told me that it’s better to buy fuel even at 100 Kwacha per liter than to be ruled by Jemmers on Lungu. I had no further need to argue with him.

    • Deja Vu – There you go again mentioning Lazy Lungu and when someone responds you start crying like a toddler

    • Tarino Orange… so you only think of me? Too bad I will be taking a sabbatical from LT for a short period.

    • Deja Vu – Goodbye…when you come back try to be more objective dont hide behind quotes and poems. Pass my regards to Bowman and BUFFOON CK when you meet them.

  1. Just deny instead of issuing ultimatums. Suppose these alleged ministers had actually spoken to LT? If I were you I would launch a clandestine investigation to find out who these ministers are. They say there’s no smoke without fire.


  3. SHE SAID THE UPND GOVERNMENT WAS FULL FILLING IT’S PROMISES….. Well we all have different ways of perceiving things. The madam is being chauffeur driven in a SUV Toyota so that one has been full filled.

  4. If found publishing misleading information, Strip out licences for those news platforms. The sooner the better.


  6. “….The Chief Government Spokesperson has implored people publishing falsehoods to desist and accept that there can only be one Minister at time…….”

    Madam, ……

    People are peddling lies because of the vacum created by the no show so called chief government spokesperson………

    You , madam , are in the wrong position.

  7. If the president does not drop you from that very important position , ………

    The UPND GRZ will be fighting a losing battle on the information front……….

    If ever they even fight , seeing how silent you are………

  8. Lusaka Times is becoming a nonsense with their reporting. copy and paste is what they do. no research whatsoever. jungle journalists.


  9. dear chushi out ultimatums and threats dont work one thing you should know is you cant buy happiness if things are wrong, are wrong. yes we all know that in zambia the truth is betreyal now what if these people you are having ultimatums have facts and evidence were will you put your self with your ultimatums?

  10. When they resign the comments will be; WE HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG THEY WERE NOT WITH US. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  11. https://www.lusakatimes.com/2022/06/29/new-dawn-ministers-threaten-to-quit-accuses-hh-of-undermining-them/
    The above article is what the minister wants retracted. I am glad Lusaka Times still has it up, lets see how it plays out in the end, whether they retract or not. It is my view that the article is a good piece of journalism and does not in anyway review anyone’s name and should stay on the site. The Tikambeko news article, on the other hand, states that they had an interview with Chushi and if she challenges them to prove that, they are certainly in problems.
    A side note, our minister’s job is not about threatening private media and individuals! Dora did better and she could engage in Q and A witth journalists on other national matters.

  12. Search for ‘new dawn minister threaten’ within the Lusaka Times website, the article is still there.
    It is my view that the article is a good piece of journalism and does not in any way mention anyone’s names but says some ministers spoken to in confidence.
    The Tikambeko news article, on the other hand, states that they had an interview with Chushi Asada and if challenged, they have to prove that. That is indeed a potential problem for them if no such evidence exists.
    A side note, our minister’s job is not about threatening private media and individuals. It seems half the time she speaks elements of threats are present.
    Dora did a better job and could engage in Q and A with journalists on other national matters.

    • Chiza – This young lady Chushi Kasanda’s only qualification is a G12 certificate…you are asking too much of her she is completely out of her depth…Dora had a Mass Media Degree and an extensive media background. HH7 has only himself to blame for appointing her there are so many women MPs in his party with qulaifications to do that job.

    • Tarino Orange.. she’s only doing her job leave her alone. By the way I don’t drink beer and I am always sober unlike you who’s always high on utujilijili. I can’t see Kambwili he’s not my class.

    • Deja Vu- She isn’t qualified for this portfolio just like Lubinda was ill-qualified for Justice ministry with his Agric Science diploma certificate.

    • FYI that drink you mentioned “utujilijili” wouldnt even be approved in the UK as fuel for farm tractors as its too potent.

  13. This is yet a confirmation that this so called “New dawn” Govt. is jus a bunch of conmen that has no Idea of what running a Govt entails. If the article is false and you are such a popular lot why worry? Just support your leader “Hakainde to deliver on the promises that he made to the nation. So far he has not started doing anything writing home about save for his trips.

  14. Kasanda is not a very smart woman no wonder they keep her in the background …any professional hardworking woman would never resort to the gender card on such a matter.

    • She is very dull…

      In her head, would that purported fake publication be OK if she was a man ?????

      She needs to be retaired in GRZ interest……….

  15. I said then and I say it now that that publication was just too good to be true…even reckless for LT to publish it I hope they are sued so they lay it out in court. So Kasanda what happens after 48 hours? If you are giving an utimatum state what you are going to do…are you going to act in your own capacity or hide behind the ministry?

  16. My boys at lusaka times just called me to notify me about this threat from kasanda who cannot even read. I have advised them as a shareholder not to retract the story. We are prepared to take this to court. I will personally fund the case. I have the best lawyers in zambia. Instead of hh fulfilling his promises he is busy bullying media. Fuseke. If i had never slept with you I would have said alot about you kasanda.

    • Zambian watchdog is run from state house. You can eat with both hands. You are complaining about the online media publishing what you call false news when you are doing the same.

  17. Forgive her she is extremely very immature and undeveloped and that’s the saddest part. I fear the day she will be interviewed by strong journalists from western international media on behalf of Zambia as a government spokesperson.

    The president is naïve – just in case; he is hoping for transformation or a miracle in her to become good at the job overnight. We don’t expect UPND to be a perfect government. It’s not possible; because managing life in general or governing is trial and error correction. Some things work some don’t work but you learn on the journey.

    8# SPAKA I agree with you. She as a government spokesperson has left a huge vacuum due to not showing up.


      I support the president, but I have to agree with you that he is naive……….

      To leave such a hudge vacum at a very critical post………….

      What a shame……….

  18. Where is the boundary between Freedom of Expression and Peddling LIES?
    We told you that that article was pure FAKE, it was meant for LT to increase number of comments because such articles attracts attention of most people here.
    LT will be forced to retract that fake article or go to court, and we expect ba LT to name those LAZY “…. Ministers who spoke to Lusaka Times in confidence….”

  19. Challenge the publishers of the supposedly misinformation to name the “some ministers” who want to resign and follow up will clarify the issue! Social media is a gossip mill in Zambia as well as a slander platform mostly for people of below average intelligence and they are happy remaining below average! Clean clever ones use social media to get enlightened and not retrogressive!

  20. general KANENE #24

    Bro You do not know that it’s a fake or true story. Your comments are coming from bias, preconceptions and failing to face the truth because you often don’t see things both ways…. As I said before, I am not looking down at you as a person but there is a lot of reality and truth in that story. Ministers are indeed getting frustrated and being stopped from speaking freely as all roads lead to Community House in New Kasama and not State House. HH is treating these ministers like children…. I talk to some these ministers and permanent secretaries. This government is losing the PR Fight every day due to a USELESS Government Spokesperson and State House Media Team. HH must take all the blame. He gave these jobs to unqualified and people who cannot think on their…

  21. SPAKA. ## 23.1

    1. Every Zambian should support HH including those who call themselves PF, MMD, Briefcase Political Parties or those of us who don’t or never affiliate ourselves with any political party. We just call ourselves Zambians because we are.

    HH is the president of all Zambians. The good policies that he will deliver will benefit all, including those that voted for PF, MMD etc. Free Education was not given to those who voted for UPND but to everyone. It should never be about hating or wishing HH to fail and then turn around to ridicule and mock him. It’s about making him accountable and pushing him to work harder and do better every single day he serves Zambians. And if he faults – we call it out. .

  22. SPAKA ## 23.1

    2. HH will make mistakes because he is human, and he cannot have all answers to Zambia. And mistakes must be acknowledged without using blame games and excuses. A great & wise man is a person who admits mistakes

    Unfortunately, we still live in a world where political parties are still in the 19th Century where one opposition party wishes the other to fail for mockery shows. Or a human being wishing the neighbour to be a failure so that they can laugh and mock the neighbour. Zambia will only develop when we all start listening to each other. And there is nothing wrong with having different opinions. If anything it must be encouraged because we get the best from each other.

  23. DID HON. KASANDA GET PRESIDENTIAL QPPROVAL TO ISSUE THREATS AGAINST 2 MEDIA INSTITUTIONS? “There is no smoke without fire”. Prior to Aug. 2021 elections, the late Dr. Mweene at Unza’s School of Natural Sciences and his ethnic colleague at CBU’s School of Natural Resources bragged that when UPND wins elections, all Bembas and Easterners will be replaced from top positions in Public Universities. The truth is that a member of the Board under Ministry of Information called Prof. Mbale does not originate from Mbala. Prof. Mbale is a Tonga who served as Lecturer in Dept of Computer Sciences at Unza; he moved to UNAM in Namibia and finally relocated at CBU. This proves that lists of Board Members are handed down to Ministers from higher authorities. Ba Kasanda tekanyeni. Consider to enrol at a…

  24. Hon. Kasanda. is strongly advised to enroll at a University so as to enhance her intellectual capacity. Higher education equips people with power to analyze issues objectively.

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