Parliament approves 17% hike in salaries, sitting allowances for MPs

Mansa central member of Parliament Chitalu Chilufya bow before Vice President Mutale Nalumango shortly before official opening of Parliament by President Hakainde Hichilema. Friday, September 10, 2021.

Parliament on Thursday unanimously approved to increase up to 17% salaries and allowances paid to Members of Parliament.

The increment means that MPs will on average take home K80,000 and be entitled to K3,000 per sitting and enjoy a US$120,000 car loan.

During debate held in camera, all MPs including those from the ruling UPND adopted the report from the Parliamentary Reforms and Modernisation Committee which recommended that salaries and other benefits be adjusted upwards.

The report was submitted by Committee Vice Chairperson Princess Kasune who is also Keembe UPND MP.

When the report was due to be presented, Speaker Nelly Mutti ordered that all members of the public and the media vacate the chamber.

She also ordered Parliament TV and any other broadcasting stations to stop broadcasting as the matter to be considered was a “House Keeping” matter.

Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane, Local Government Ministet Gary Nkombo and Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe are all Members of the Committee.

Two weeks ago, Lusaka Times exclusively revealed that MPs had resolved to push for an increment in their salaries and other benefits.


  1. They are telling you to tighten your belts meanwhile they are enjoying sitting allowances to shout “heya heya” and $120,000 dollar car loans which they will never pay back as it will deducted from their gratuity. A top of the range full spec Toyota Hilux GR SPORT 4 Door Double Cab costs £50,000 in the UK which translates to $60,000 …what is an MP going to buy with $120.000?

    • This move is selfish, greedy, heartless and evil. Where is HH kanshi. Mr. President you stood on the premise of hope and a better Zambia. Did we catch ilyauma? Ba politician mulakwatako uluse.

  2. In the midist of a crisis, it’s the people who are already well off who award themselves an increment. The vulnerable are told to to wait because the new deal is working on improving their lives. Fuel has just increased sharply, food prices will follow becaus ethis will trigger expensive transportation. Why order members of the public to vacated? Bally will fix it? He has alread fixed it for politicians!

  3. Hahaha we warned you. Can you read the name and party of the lady mp who submitted this proposal? This is all upnds doing. You thought those f00ls wanted to save you from poverty? They are in this to solve their own poverty. Continue suffering until 2026

  4. So the rest of the working class are on a wage freeze while the servants of the people before even one year is over have already increased their salaries and allowances. Is this the change we stood in line for 6 hours for?

  5. Politics is business and not a service. While the hike of fuel prices will hurt the people who voted for these fat oafs, the oafs have managed to offset the hike by awarding themselves fat wages.

  6. Look at the ignorant UK based Impostor he forgets that all the MPs used a PF MP to table this bill…they all hid behind that MP.

    • I thought you said you don’t respond to the so called imposter, yet here you are showing us again just how f00Iish you are. It is because of your lies that your fellow f00Iish relatives voted in this useless party and you sit there on your fat smelly backside saying pweee . Fuseke

  7. These MPs of today are as greedy AF ..I remember Dipak Patel refusing these increments publicly and dedicating to a charity that was 20 years ago. I would do the same as this is just wrong given the debt that we as country have to repay. Can you imagine going to IMF asking for assistance when you are getting such sitting allowances and car loans for top of the range Mercedes Limousines.

  8. Can someone help me please, ma lawyers. Is there such a thing as a private parliamentary session?
    My understanding is that all parliamentary sessions should be in the public domain.

  9. I head our Mps saying there was no need for salaries for Mps to be increased. Most of our current Mps blamed the move. What changed now that they voted for what they rejected on the expense of poor Zambians.

  10. Only those in gvt are enjoying Zambia,bcz they speak on themselves while masses are in poverty, little salaries for domestic workers.

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