Announcement to publicise successful teacher applicants cheers NAQEZ


The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has expressed happiness that the Teaching Service Commission has finally announced the revised date on which to publish names of successful candidates as new teachers.

In a press statement made available to the media yesterday, NAQEZ Executive Director, Aaron Chansa said that before the announcement was made, the silence that engulfed the 2022 teacher recruitment exercise was depressing.

Mr. Chansa stated that the silence had potential to erode the confidence and excitement which the planned recruitment of 30,000 teachers has brought in the country.

He observed that with its new development, stakeholders and all the more than 100,000 unemployed teachers will now look forward to the 15th of July 2022 with renewed hopes and expectations.

Mr. Chansa added that he hopes that the final list will still respect the decisions which were made by respective district human resource committees in all the provinces.

He observed that the recruitment of 30,000 teachers if actualized, will be historical, unprecedented and commendable adding that this will be the first time that the Zambian government would have employed this number of teachers at once.

Mr Chansa further stated that as an organisation that is interested in quality education, this exercise is very important because it will go a long way in improving the staffing levels in schools.

He noted that healthy pupil-teacher ratios are needed now for effective teaching and learning in all the schools in the country.


  1. Hahaha continue being fed beans. It will be 2026 and they will still be searching for that list. Upnd are failures

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