Chitimukulu calls for respect and preservation of culture


Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people has called on Zambians to respect and preserve their culture.

Speaking during the Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena Fundraising Galla Dinner in Kasama, the Paramount Chief said people of all tribes should endeavor to preserve their culture because it is the backbone and uniting factor of any nation.

He pointed out that culture defines the evolutionary identity and keeps people bonded in the spirit of Ubuntu.

The Traditional Leader started that Traditional ceremonies are essential because they enable young ones to learn, understand and appreciate their existence.

And Northern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Lewis Mwape said government attaches great importance to the role that traditional ceremonies play in fostering unity.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary added that traditional ceremonies are also a major contributor to the tourism industry.

Mr. Mwape noted that government is putting in place a policy that supports culture and the arts industry.

Speaking earlier, Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena Northern Province Organizing Committee Vice-Chairperson, Fidelis Kapoka thanked government and the business community in Kasama for their overwhelming support in raising funds.

Mr. Kapoka said the funds that have been raised will be directed towards the preparation for the hosting of the Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena in Mungwi District.

A good number of Kasama residents attended last night’s Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena Galla Dinner and made donations and pledges which amounted to K61, 000.

The Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena traditional was last held in 2018 and this has been attributed to Covid – 19 in 2020 and 2021 and the death of Senior Chief Mwamba in 2019.

This year’s ceremony will be held on the 12th and 13th of August in Mungwi district.


  1. Comrade SOSALA HENRY you re insult to real Bemba kings.

    Really Bemba kings never had SLAVE NAMES and never needlessly spoke in public. You on the other hand is always face on media, voice on media.

    You re not my king

  2. Mr. SOSALA HENREY both slave names not fit for a Bemba king.

    Then again you are always showing your face and speaking on radio. That’s not the tradition of kings. They re spoken for.

    You re in the forefront of breaking Bemba king culture

  3. @2 – This is typical of the disrespect going on these days! Rebuking elders on public forums. How disgraceful! If you have anything valid to say to the King, go to his Palace and tell him to his face; otherwise hold your tongue.

    • Zennia – You have been abroad for too long though I agree about disrespecting elders but its a two way street and respect is earned. You go to a Chiefs yard in and go disagree with them no one will touch you physically but I trust you wont make it to Lusaka whatever mode of transport you use.

  4. People like the current Bemba king have accepted the dynamics of life. Namely that it changes and one has to embrace things like technology and make it work for you. That’s why he uses electricity and not katolitoli, internet rather than smoke or drum signals. Now you mwana want ntambi wants to enjoy those social and technological implements leaving your King behind? Ala! He is part of life’s dynamics

  5. A bit too late mwemfumu because Zambia has lost its culture to muzungus who invaded it some 400 years ago. No black Zambian wants to identify with mother Africa. That’s why we prefer slave names, and European wedding dresses and hip hop music and fake speaking accents and want to eat unhealthy western food and GMOs. We define everything in our lives via Western perspectives and will judge others from the western point of view never from the African point of view. Even our laws are designed to kill off African culture and we love it that way. That’s why we don’t want to change them.

  6. Timely message my chief. The upnd and especially hh are brainwashed stooges for the western world and society. That is why the gays are now roaming freely. They even got rid of the ministry of chiefs which we set up. They are not patriots


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