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HH appoints brother as Zambia’s Deputy Ambassador to Malaysia


President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed his younger brother Muzoka Hichilema as Zambia’s Deputy Ambassador to Malaysia.

Muzoka is a Sales and Marketing professional with no background in diplomacy.

The appointment is in sharp contrast and a major u-turn from Mr. Hichilema’s pre-election promise of not appointing cadres and relatives into the foreign service.

The appointment of Muzoka to Kuala Lumpur was confirmed by close friends and relatives.

They also confirmed that Muzoka completed the mandatory two weeks Diplomatic Service training at the Zambia Institute for Diplomatic and International Relations Studies three weeks ago.

“He got the appointment letter last month and his passport was issued only two weeks ago. He is done with ZIDIS and he will be leaving next week to his new post,” the source said.

Muzoka is one of the several close party and family associates that Mr. Hichilema has stuffed in foreign service, contrary to his promises before becoming Head of State House.

A leaked list of appointees in the foreign service shows that majority of those appointed hail from Southern and Western Provinces.

Even in his inauguration speech, Mr. Hichilema vowed to depoliticized to foreign service and create a professional foreign service to ensure efffetuve representation of Zambia’s foreign interests in all foreign missions.

The List of People appointed into Diplomatic Service
The List of People appointed into Diplomatic Service


    • @Deja Vu
      If I happened to be one of the richest men in Zambia and then became president I wouldnt put relatives in a government job. That would be dumb of me. Why not in my own company where noone would question me?

    • Cave man… it’s just an ironic expression…. seriously it’s wrong to pick relatives for government positions. Whatever they do people will always think it’s because his dad is the president.

    • Haven’t you been following events in Lusaka? In Zambia those appointments are done by the president even if he doesn’t have the right to

    • @Caveman perhaps if I had plans for my business empire to extend to Malaysia and I want a relative to ride on government facilities as he effects a start-up

  1. kambwili was right..U are yet to see..ask close relatives or friends in civil service whats going on..

    • I am a senior officer in Civil Service, particularly at Local Government. Kindly tell me what’s going, because I myself can’t see anything so far. The only thing I have experienced is lack of political harassment.
      During the last regime, I personally experienced senior cadres falsely accusing me to the PS , Cabinet Secretary or even President .
      So , sir , tell your story

  2. It is well. Pf had their own why not upnd . Union, mmd and pf had their own time. The promotion of those that sacrificed is welcome. Let us move forward.

  3. That’s the meritocracy we were promised. It’s a great milestone. At least he’s managed to put a minimum of 3 Tongas in every State institution. Now that he’s stopped shivering, he’ll put countless Tongas in the diplomatic service. It’s their time

  4. Chiwamila gaIu kuluma muntu noti muntu alume gaIu.
    The mindset of tribalism is rife under upnd. Let them enjoy because 2026 is not too far away.

  5. It is only the beginning. Well done hh. Continue on this trajectory. Employ all your relatives.

  6. If the Brother to HH has the qualifications required and he is a Zambian citizen(Fact), what is the problem in appointing him? Freedom Sikazwes Daughter was appointed and Tasila Lungu was adopted to stand in Chawama Constituency? Stop being petty!!! Typical Zambian intovrted thinking and jealous. By the way if you live abroad and want to be successful, simply avoid being with Zambians

  7. This list will immediately be scrapped followed by the denial that it is fake, but using nakachinda’s microscope I saw it before it was even published.

  8. This is why arrogant clowns are sent to our embassies who just go abroad to shop and are very rude to us in diaspora …mandatory two weeks Diplomatic Service training at the Zambia Institute for Diplomatic and International Relations Studies. Who is this moron going to listen to? If his brother is the President..

  9. In Zambia we are such hypocrites, Sata and Lungu appointed most of their friends and family to the public/civil and Diplomatic service, ever heard of the Kasolos, Lawrence Sichalwe who was forced to give up his Chawama seat to Tasila Lungu, Fredson Yamba etc, finally, Lungu’s son in law Geoffrey/Jeff Banda was our Deputy Ambassador to China until two or three months ago, so please don’t play holier than thou here, we are not children. Who was Miles Sampa related to?This is the trouble with Zambia if a man you like does these things you keep quiet, not a word, if one you don’t like does what your Lungu and Sata did you start writing stupid and empty stories.

  10. Hahahaaa awe mwandi losing elections is so painful!! PF now printing anything at City Market and post on Lusaka Times to vilify government ?? Government business is on Government letterhead and not that city market paper. Anyways. People have moved on …

  11. Hahahaaa awe mwandi losing elections is so painful!! PF now printing anything at City Market and post on Lusaka Times to vilify government ?? Government business is on Government letterhead and not that city market paper. Anyways. People have moved on …


  13. Those saying. Data and Lungu did the same, its good that you have confessed what UPND agenda is. That is exactly what MCS and ECL did. So Zambians don’t expect anything from UPND other than what you saw under PF. HH in simple terms he is just as good as Sata and Lungu. Well done for being truthful.

  14. The gullibility of Zambians buffles me. They take anything they read. Look at the paper and you will notice there is nothing official about it. You people believe anything, no wonder the PF were able to manipulate you for so long.

  15. Well JFK appointed his bother Bobby to the high rank of Attorney General…he was qualified so if the person in question qualifies or has had some of the gaps in his qualifications enhances through the two weeks training then he is good to go…he must not let his brother down…kk appointed his childrens as Ministers one is now off into foreign service under hh having served in MCS government as deputy minister….unfortunately the other was gunned down by thieves once his father lost elections…in the current grz we have a minister who served under MCS and sent her son in to dip service as similar rank…never mind under LPM we had a father, son, daughter all serving in foreign service at different missions…one has bounced back as ps…the list is endless…we now have eyes open for…

  16. You are arguing uneducatedly. Tasila stood. she wasn’t appointed. The mp post is political. One doesn’t get appointed to MP
    It’s not like the ambassador posts. HH promised to end such nepotism

  17. Nothing wrong with that, since Ambassador is a political position. Let him cut his teeth in Mauritius before he is sent to a bigger country

  18. I wish slavery time was now ine nga naliyafye nabasungu kumwabo mweeeeee……. Bushe apa tuli is Zambia still a country or nimbi chibolya nomba?

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