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It is Important for Zambia to Have its own Millionaires


By Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

I hope now you understand why you need to make your own Zambians rich. When your Zambian citizens are rich, they concentrate on their own country! They bank their money in Zambia and donate in Zambia.

Just like Ndambo we have the GBMs, the Milupis, the Sikutwa’s, we had the Kavindeles, the Matanis and many others I don’t want to mention in order to insulate them from petty jealous. These are the people we need to concentrate on. We need to ensure that they become more rich so that we create generational wealth that will help build Zambia. We also need to concentrate on upcoming entrepreneurs and Zambians. Nurture them into becoming solid business people.

At the moment even government policy distracts wealth creation. The many taxes, fees and other charges you need to pay as a business is too much! The corporate income tax for small businesses is just too high! If we are serious, we can reduce income tax for companies with a turnover of less than a million dollars to 10%!

Let us concentrate on speaking about wealth creation rather than politics! If we are so passionate about fighting corruption with so many institutions created for the same, why can’t we be so passionate about fighting poverty and wealth creation? Why can’t we have the Anti poverty commission of Zambia? The Wealth Creation Commission of Zambia alongside the current CEEC?

We are so obsessed with destroying rather than building! The best way to fight poverty and corruption is to make things available and easy for citizens! Maybe people get corrupt because they can’t get things genuinely coz of stiff foreign competition? Let’s make it easy for everyone to tender! Zambians can provide services to government but when you look at tender documents, they can be 500 pages!!! In the absence of resources no one will bid or people will be forced to do shortcuts! Let’s make things easy for everyone! If everything is done online and with no queues, you remove corruption!

For me I don’t care who becomes rich. Tonga, Bemba, Lamba, PF, UPND or Socialist. If they are Zambian, let them be rich. In times that the country needs help, these are the people that will step in. So government should not shy away from empowering its people! A Zambian is a Zambian! Even if it’s carders they empower it’s ok! Those carders are Zambians and it means less burden on Zambian coffers when citizens becomes economically independent!

So now if we had harnessed wealth among Zambians, these tuma KCM would have been running under Zambian ownership. Deliberately creating wealth amongst citizens is very important! What is wrong is when only a few are eating while the rest are just watching on TV!

I receive a lot of queries from people asking me to connect them with anyone who can help them. Zambians are ready to work. All they lack in most cases is capital and a bit of skills on how to run businesses!

I would rather we hold business trainings in constituencies and wards! Now government says that they will be giving out CDF as seed capital. How many cooperatives are being trained in tuning businesses? Let’s not assume that one can just wake up and run a business! Business can be difficult especially is run by people in a cooperative who have come together not because it was their own idea but it is a condition to get money.

Let’s have mature discourse without emotions. Less on the talk and more on the actions! Even a Ndambo beauty pageant sure has to be political? This democracy has become a curse to this country! No wonder Kaunda scrapped it!!! Bushe when are we going to be serious aii???

One day Zambia will be tired of us and tell us to leave it for a bit because our behaviour does not add up!!!!


  1. Very wise words from my wise brother. The problem is that greedy hh wants to be the only millionaire

  2. There are so many unemployed business graduates in Zambia who can be recruited to help and advise people on how to run businesses just like agriculture extension officers do with farmers. The government can set up Business Advice Bureaus under the Small Business ministry in every district where one can go to get advice on business planning, tender application, and pitching for financing and so on.

  3. After you proved to be a PF cadre no matter how many good ideas you have no one takes you seriously.

  4. Very sensible. We tend to thwart our own people’s efforts, yet eagerly jump to assist foreign nationals at first opportunity. Zambia is run by Zambians, yet we are stuck with debilitating taxes set during colonial rule; taxes that were created to enrich Kings and Queens of England. This is holding back our development. We need to do away with senseless charges and convoluted processes.

    #plant a tree please.

  5. This aseertion that rich people create generational wealth that trickles down and we concentrate and ensure they become more rich to help build Zambia is a fallacy . Why should we concentrate on peolpe who are already rich ? Are these the solutions from this Russian trained Dr? Rich people do not drive economic growth beacuse they spend and invest in most cases abroad. It is the poor poeple who drive economic activity becuase their expenditure is non discreationary. Is this guy an econimist ?His understanding and application of economics is all muddled up.

  6. Genuine Millionaires yes, but not ANC or PF stoogies. James Ndambo is a well known Jacob Zuma stoogy who was implicated in the state capture report here. Iam in South Africa and no can lie to me about this state capture proxy. The mines he owns in Congo are his but Jacob Zuma and the Gupta’s – he was used to facilitate all the transactions on their behalf. By also convincing Edgar and PF for diplomatic protection while in war-tone Congo. The recent rush back to Zambia to show off is because 1. Zambia was given Land here in Mzansi by SA in 1994 and this stoogy has built a mine on this land,so last week, your minister of Transport was here as they want these national assets back.

    • If your hh is so perfect and your almighty then what are you doing in South Africa? Why not come back here and join us so that you enjoy your f00Iisj ballys rule

  7. No.2: the same also happened in Namibia, after independence, due to the contribution of KK to there liberation, The Namibian gov gifted the Zambian gov with a lifetime port to assist themselves with imports and exports. But KK , at the time, refuted all these gifts as he insisted that he was not doing anything for monetory value, but for the liberation of human dignity. Hence very few paid no much attention to these gifts but they ve been always there as the signed documents were for a lifetime. Also Zambia was accustomed importing through Tanzania or Durban than develop its own Namibian port. So, this stoogy again here, all these years, used this port as a personal to holder by bribing & funding Chiluba then PF. And PF were the largest beneficiaries and this stoogy ate along with them…

    • Fuseke , the only way upnd will have a chance of retaining power after 2026 is if ndambo takes over from that unpopular tribal failure you call your bally

  8. Lungu’s PF left us with cholera deaths due to increased street trading,filthy streets and an economy on life support.Poverty rose sharply during PFs 10yr tenure.

  9. Good article my brother! But you forgot to define the kind of millionaires Zambia needs. You can have hundred (100) or so millionaires in the country but as long as those millionaires are a kind like “balya njikwite” then it is pointless, because they will not impact anybody. Millionaires like Mr Ndambo are what this country needs. You can see how just one activity, the beauty pageant in Choma, has impacted the local economy in Choma!!! Others have been millionaires for years but even the village where they grew up from is a sorry site. And you people are clapping your hands for such a person that he will change the fortunes of this country, mulabecha ba sir!!! Charity begins at home!!! Napita naya.

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