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President Hakainde Hichilema expected in Southern Province for a five day working visit


President Hakainde Hichilema is today expected in Southern Province for a five day working visit.

Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa has told the media in an interview that the President will arrive in the Province today Sunday in Mazabuka.

He said during his visit, President Hichilema expected to have a series of engagements among them to attend a memorial service of late Grandstone Kamunza Makowani Natala in Mazabuka tomorrow before Proceeding to Monze for official opening of the Lwiindi Gonde Traditional ceremony of Chief Monze on Monday.

The Minister says the Head of State will then shift camp to Livingstone where he is expected to officiate at the Diaspora Meeting on the 8th of July 2022.

They also confirmed that the head of state will also grace the 2022 Lwiindi of Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya speaking people of Kazungula District.

Yesterday, President Hakainde Hichilema departed Ndola after officially opening the 56th edition of the Zambia International Trade Fair. The President left Ndola via Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport at 18:30hours.

President Hichilema took time off his busy schedule to visit the funeral house for the Late Zambia International Trade Fair General Manager, Robert Banda who died on Wednesday in Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

The President was in the district to grace the official opening of the 56th edition of the Zambia International Trade Fair under the theme “Promoting value addition for sustainable growth.”

And President Hichilema has applauded small scale business enterprises that are taking advantage of the business opportunities created by government through the introduction of free education.

The President said it was encouraging to find that women entrepreneurs are venturing into the business of desk manufacturing which is booming as a result of the re-introduction of free education.

And Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri says he is happy with the exhibitions at the ongoing 56th edition of the Zambia International Trade Fair.

Mr Phiri said the Ndola business community should take advantage of the presence of their international counterparts and create linkages.

Earlier in the day, President Hakainde Hichilema reassured Zambians that the Government will support the growth of trade by facilitating local and international trade and investment in all areas including the manufacturing sector.

President Hichilema said this when he officially opened the 56th Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola today which is being held under the theme, “Promoting Value Addition For sustainable Growth.”

President Hichilema said there is a need for enhancement of competiveness of local products.

The President said government’s agenda includes a strong focus of supporting and enabling private sector-led growth through trade and investment as a means of creating jobs and improving livelihoods for Zambians.

“As it stands, the local market does not adequately support sustained production of most goods such as crops, livestock products and manufactured products, but the Government is working tirelessly to facilitate market access and open up regional and international markets for Zambian businesses,” the President said.

The President observed that this year’s fair will create more business and trade opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and exhibitors.

President Hichilema said he is looking forward to seeing innovations that can help drive economic transformation, jobs and wealth creation for Zambians.

President Hichilema emphasized on the need for Zambians to cut on bureaucracy if the country is to improve and open up its trade.

And ZITF Board of Trustees Chairperson, Elizabeth Nkumbula said the Trade Fair is the biggest international exhibition in Zambia that promotes trade and investment.

Dr. Nkumbula also outlined some challenges that the ZITFT board is faced with among which is the poor state of infrastructure but pointed out that the board is equal to the task to address the challenges.

Meanwhile, Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Chikopa Mulenga said the Ministry will ensure that the ZITF is held on a day to day basis instead of being a one off show.


  1. This big f00I hh, and his fellow f00Iish upnd supporters always criticised the best president ecl for working visits. Today hh has done more travelling in less than a year than ecl did in 5 years. Interestingly he uses the jet he criticised and was going to sell. Hh is the biggest liar to ever become president.


    • Who is Ndambo? The president is going to Mazabuka, Monze, and Livingstone, Should the Lwiindi ceremony be cancelled because of Ndambo?

  3. The president should embrace zambian millionaires and philanthropic people like Ndambo …………….

    Like western leaders do…………

    instead of feeling threatened by them.

  4. In developed countries, leaders embrace local millionaires and being seen to work with them for the benefit of the country is a badge of hounor………….

    Not in Africa…….suspicion rules ……thats why we are poorest continent.

    • That is very possible. I am proud of the little I own through my honest hard work and can sleep at night, unlike your hh who crookedly undervalued our state resources for kickbacks. Many People lost their jobs and died of sadness

  5. Five days in southern province! I didn’t know you could spent five days in the most boring province ever

  6. But Ndambo is a PF stoogy who stole the Zambian gov owned Walvis bay port in Namibia. This port was given to Zambia by the Namibian gov for the help that KK rendered to that country. Similarly in South Africa the Zed gov was given land their too under Cecil Rhodes but this stoogie Ndambo has built a mine on this land with Jacob Zuma’s son. They further went to invest into Congo too but the original mine owners there are the Guptas and Jacob Zuma, Ndambo was used as a proxy to get into the congo market and thats how he joined and funded PF. But today , the new dawn want that port in Nambia and this land in South Africa back. Hence you saw him jumping around in Zambia tyring to prove a point of Mr. richman.But believe me , this is money from the port he was charging people illegally at the…

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