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Take charge of the country’s shared destiny by embracing hard work, HH tells Zambians


President Hakainde Hichilema has called on Zambians to take charge of the country’s shared destiny by embracing hard work.

President Hichilema explained that it will only be possibly for Zambians , living locally and abroad, to enjoy the fortunes of the country if everyone applied hard work.

In light of the challenges that the country underwent in the previous years, President Hichilema who stated that there is no good life minus hard work, listed professionalism, integrity, patriotism and unity should be attached to hard work.

The Head of State said this when he officially opened the Zambian Diaspora conference dubbed: “ shifting mindsets to ignite growth,” in Livingstone of Southern Province.

The delegates at  Zambian Diaspora conference dubbed: “ shifting mindsets to ignite growth,”
The delegates at Zambian Diaspora conference dubbed: “ shifting mindsets to ignite growth,”

Acknowledging the need for diaspora participation in arriving at a better solution for economic growth, the Head of State noted that many Zambians have settled outside the country hence the need to invoke the network and bring it to the table to make contributions towards governments development agenda.

He applauded various diaspora associations for organising such an important platform, first of its kind to discuss ways on how they can participate in economic growth among other issues.

“Your government is clear that corruption is not part of the hard work, we should have been standing at a different level as a country in these efforts would have been added to the growth of the nation,” President Hichilema stated.

Mr Hichilema further invited Zambians in diaspora to transfer skills, knowledge and experience investment back to the country which will benefit both parties.

He implored Zambians in the diaspora to share opportunities in with government in various sectors so that Zambia can enhance it’s initiative to accelerate growth.

He also implored various departments and government institutions to ensure that challenges faced by Zambians in the diaspora are addressed in order to attract investment and ploughing back to the country.

The President noted that his administration has taken the lead by successfully implementing projects and programmes aimed at improving people’s living standards.

“We would like to see an assurance at the end of this conference, we want to see more involvement from the people in the diaspora,” he added.

And Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Stanley Kakubo said the conference presented opportunities to create a platform and enhance unity among people.

This will ensure that every Zambian irrespective of the location globally will serve as a continuous and effective measures to support the governments agenda of making sure the country remains in the champions league, Mr. Kakubo said.

He assured governments commitment to people in the diaspora who have placed the country before self and also value the contributions.

Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa on his part urged participants to take advantage of the tourist town and enjoy the experience while in the country.

Livingstone City Mayor Constance Muleabai
Livingstone City Mayor Constance Muleabai

Meanwhile, Livingstone City Mayor Constance Muleabai appreciated the attendance by the Head of State which demonstrates the importance that government attached to initiatives aimed at growing the economy.

Ms. Muleabai assured the Local Authorities support to the investment opportunities that the Zambian Diaspora Community wishes to implement.

And one of the participants Ferdinand Simpanya thanked the President for gracing the event, which he described as evident of his commitment towards embracing initiatives beneficial to the country.

Mr. Simpanya explained that Zambians in the diaspora consist of hard working people who are possible partners in social economic development and hoped for government support.

Other Ministers present at the event were Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda, Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga and Minister of Tourism Rodney Sikumba, and also Chief Mukuni.

Some of the delegates posing for pictures with the president at  Zambian Diaspora conference dubbed: “ shifting mindsets to ignite growth,”
Some of the delegates posing for pictures with the president at Zambian Diaspora conference dubbed: “ shifting mindsets to ignite growth,”


  1. And those Zambians are waiting for you to finally take on the still rampant corruption in the country. Ten months in power and NOTHING has been achieved!

  2. A diasporan conference attended mainly by those resident in zambia because many diasporans are poor menial workers who cannot afford to fly. Also, many of the upnd diasporans haven’t legalised their stays abroad so they cannot risk exiting the diaspora because they wouldn’t be let back into those countries. What can an illegal toilet cleaner contribute to zambia? Be serious


  4. This man keeps on talking almost a year in office kikikikiki….blah blah blah blah talk is cheap….So Lungu wasn’t that bad after all…watoloka imisu wanyanta pamafi

  5. @ ka Saulosi: Which talking are you talking about? Is free Education mere talking? The investment by First Quantum and Others-is it mere talking? Even ka Ndambo wouldnt have come back to show off the way he did if it was still Lungu in Power(who he personally funded anyway) But even if he funded LUngu they were not friends enough that he could come back and put up a world class show. Hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahah

  6. There were people that ruled for 7 years and all they achieved was acquire more debt and inflate contract tendersss

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