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Ex-convict shot dead in Kitwe


 Police in Kitwe have shot dead an ex-convict who is allegedly to have been among the criminals that recently broke into mobile city and got away with various goods and cash.

On July 2 ,2022, some criminals broke into the shop and stole cash amounting to K326,450  various phones amounting to K293,000 and different documents.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer, Sharon Zulu confirms that  the shooting took place yesterday around 09:30 hours on Kitwe’s Kantanta street in Nkana East.

Ms. Zulu said after visiting the scene ( mobile city), police discovered that the CCTV drive at the shop was missing as well.Stating that her officers, instead decided to use the cameras at Pick N Pay, a shop next to mobile city, Ms Zulu disclosed that the footage there revealed three criminals entering and exiting the mobile shop exactly at the time the break in took place.

“After watching the footage, three criminals were seen entering Mobile City and exiting during the time the breaking took place,” she said.

Among the criminals identified included Prince Mugala,  an  ex- convict, whose identity the Police Commander stated was also confirmed by two Security guards from Armsecure, who were guarding Mobile City on the fateful day.

She said the ex-convict was equally identified by a talk time vendor and some streets kids who immediately shouted “Nikamwemfu” as he was fondly known.

Ms. Zulu stated that the street kids  also confirmed that the said Kamwefu had bought a new Toyota Allion registration number ADD 8363 silver in colour which he showed them,  a few days after the break in at mobile city.

“Armed with that information, officers started looking for the said vehicle and the said Kamwefu,” Ms. Zulu said.

The vehicle was spotted yesterday, July 7,2022 at Kitwe’s ‘Builders Ware House’ on Free-Town road in Parklands and that the driver was one of the criminals identified in the footage.

She said it is at this point when her officers started trailing ‘Kamwemfu’ who drove from Parklands via Kantanta street in Nkana East residential area into the Central Business District ( CBD).

Upon noticing the vehicle trailing him, Ms. Zulu said ‘Kamwemfu’ increased speed, prompting officers to fire three shots in the air to stop him.

Ms. Zulu added that the three shots never deterred ‘Kamwemfu’ from stopping which made her officers to fire four shots aimed at deflating the tyres but one of the bullets hit Kamwemfu in the head.

“unfortunately one shot caught him in the head while others deflated tyres and went off to hit into a wall fence at Shakaina School where he was found.”

The Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer said ‘Kamwemfu’ was rushed to Kitwe Teaching Hospital where he was pronounced dead and that his body is deposited in the mortuary.



  1. Unfortunately a bullet hit and killed him….no it’s not unfortunate, it’s the right result especially for some of us who have lost expensive items through thefts. Well done ZP and Cheerios Kamwemfu.

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