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Zambians in the diaspora urged to positively market the country


The Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati has implored Zambians in the diaspora to positively market the country for Zambia to benefit from global opportunities.

Mr. Mutati notes that no one can market Zambia in international space better than Zambians themselves adding that for this reason Zambians in the diaspora should not to shy away from opportunities to market the country.

Speaking at the official closing of the Diaspora conference in Livingstone of Southern Province, Mr. Mutati disclosed that Zambia is in the process of launching a satellite project in the next two years.

He noted that his Ministry has since identified Zambians in the diaspora who possess the necessary skills to help formulate a strategy to launch a satellite project in the country.

The Minister stressed the need to recognize the achievements attained by Zambians in the diaspora which can be utilised locally, adding that through such, the country will join the champions league.

“Zambians are being recognised out there, hence the need to lift them up locally so that they carry our flag,” Mr. Mutati stated.

The Minister tasked the organisers of the Diaspora Conference to come up with tangible results from the conference that he will present to President Hakainde Hichilema.

He noted that it was time to move from conversations to transactions so that such initiatives can bear intended results.

Mr. Mutati told the conference organisers to table out issues that the team will be focused on and time frames so that Zambians locally remember the conference with something.

Also in attendance was Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa, Livingstone City Mayor Constance Muleabai, and Bank of Zambia Governor Denny Kalyalya among other dignitaries.

President Hakainde Hichilema said during the official opening of the conference in the tourist capital that time has come to maximize the power of partnerships to deliver a memorable experience in Zambia.

Mr Hichilema added An experience that will cause a transformational ripple effect that contributes to sustainable development.


  1. The biggest contribution disporans can make is sending money back home………….

    Many countries like the India, Ghana , the Philippines earn millions through citizens sending money back home……..

    GRZ needs to harmonise and leverage this power of Zambians living in diaspora

  2. What must be understood is that not all Zambians in the diaspora are doing well. Some are far much worse off than they were before they left and are now too shy to come back because of the misconception that everyone abroad is doing well. They don’t have anything to come back to just like they don’t have anything to back with. So they’d rather stay where no one will notice their poverty than come back and be mocked. So when you a brother or sister fidget with credit cards just to buy a bottle of Coca Cola just know that there’s no money, please be a brother’s keeper and offer to pay that bill. Some survive on dry bread and water just to save enough for an air ticket. Please considerate.

  3. What marketing can those toilet cleaning upnd diasporans do? They are seen as a drain on resources there abroad. They are seen as beggars who sit and claim state benefits there abroad so how can any citizen of a diasporan country listen to them. They are not wanted there abroad. They are now being sent to Rwanda as soon as they arrive there. Muzungu has had enough

  4. its funny that UPND wants people outside to market the country while they did the opposite when in opposition. Do unto others as you want them to do into you…

  5. A start point is to audit how many zedians are in the diaspora their qualifications and what they are doing out there then a really conversation can begin including tax contributions since they return home occasionally and drive on those roads and expect good services,,,,next can be how they can vote without coming home all the time…the good thing is they not helping themselves to public funds under the guise of being a grz official

  6. They just arrested one guy who was CEO in Uganda.
    And Ndambo had worst experience of his life last week.
    I am not going to say anything positive about your Lusaka.

  7. @Spaka : You speak like a mwankole someitmes ,and a pregnant one.Which money are these Zambians going to send money back home? What are there jobs there – including yourself iwe mwankole? Cleaners, Waiters, Bartenders, Dakka boys etc. And they send this money and then what? What effect will it have and who will manage it? And also how much money is it? Its not like it will be MIllion of dollars a month. A zambian doing a carwash business in Lusaka can make this money as profit. So, i think you get the purpose of this conference,so it was better if you didnt comment cos your comment is sour.

  8. Our women in UK are cleaning old nappies and changing their diapers in the name working in the diaspora …..What do you expect them to bring home?

  9. Look at the ignorants above……….

    Most philipino exports to the western world work in care looking after old people , yet the Philippines earns 10s of millions of dollars in remittances……….

    By the way, only PF theives expecting free handouts would fail to live comftably in the west……………

    Life is sweet in the west , if you choose to live on the streets……….you can never go hungry or thirsty………..

    For those who chose to work, even sweeter………

  10. Diaspora guys ca make a positive contribution to the country if well organised.The problem is the like working in isolation and do not share ideas.

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