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121 immigrants removed for illegal entry and unlawful stay in the country


The Department of Immigration says it has removed nabbed 121 immigrants for illegal entry and unlawful stay in the country. Department of Immigration Public Relations Officer Namati Nshinka says in a statement obtained by ZANIS that in Kitwe, 56 illegal migrants were removed from the country.

“Among the arrested included 28 Tanzanians who were not prosecuted, Twenty-five (25) Tanzanians, and one (1) Malawian who paid the court fines for various offences including illegal entry and unlawful stay and engaging in trade without permits,” he said.

The office of immigration in Kitwe deported one (1) Tanzanian after serving a sentence for an unlawful stay in the country.

This development that commenced between July 1 and July 7, 2022 in Kitwe brings the number of illegal immigrants deported to one hundred and twenty one (121).

During the same period the Department also apprehended 24 persons for convictions and denied 14 other foreign nationals entry into the country for failing to satisfy the country’s entry requirements.

“During this period the department also apprehended sixty six (66) persons for various offences, secured twenty four (24) convictions, and refused fourteen (14) foreign nationals entry into Zambia for failing to satisfy the country’s requirement,” said Mr. Nshinka.


  1. Only a f00Iish African can deport a fellow African on African soil. An African cannot be illegal on African soil. You fail to remove the illegal whlte settlers who accumulated vast African land and yet the countries they came from deport you like monkeys to Rwanda.

  2. Good job immigration . But the way you carry out this mandate leaves a lot to be desired as you also inconvenience a lot of genuine zambians and permit holders. There must be a better way to do this then rounding up people at random from public places.

  3. And not even a single Indian or Chinese on the list. Come to Emmasdale in VUBU Road and see how Indians are arriving everyday and buying off Zambians and setting their homes with shops. Indians and Chinese are arriving daily illegally and yet we are so preoccupied with deporting fellow Africans. How can an Indian have a work permit for working in a shop? LETS BE REAL


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