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DEC rounds up 23 people for trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances countrywide


The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has rounded up 23 people for trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances countrywide.

Mr. Mathias Kamanga, the DEC Public Relations Officer, has confirmed that the commission in Lusaka Province has jointly charged and arrested Richard Banda, a male aged 44 of Garden House Compound, Esther Banda, a female aged 38 of Chibolya Compound, Christopher Kapembwa, a male aged 30 years and Baxter Mwamba, a male aged 31 of Bauleni Compound for trafficking in 92.7 Kilograms of cannabis.

This is contrary to section 15 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act No. 35 of 2021.

“The drugs which were concealed in 3 sacks were intercepted as they were being transported to Chibolya. The motor vehicle has since been seized.Further the Commission has jointly charged and arrested Joseph Phiri, a male aged 21 years and Martin Goma, a male aged 19 years both of Kuku Compound for trafficking in 1.38 Kilograms of loose cannabis that was wrapped in khaki papers. The duo were apprehended by Zambia Police Service for theft and the drugs were found on them upon being searched before detention. The drug case has since been handed over to DEC,” Mr. Kamanga said.

Mr. Kamanga revealed that DEC has also arrested Abel Shimeshi, a male aged 40 of Chisokone area in Kitwe for trafficking in 220 bottles of Codeine.

“In a separate incident, the Commission has jointly charged and arrested Lombe Kabwe, a male aged 24 years, Chellah Musanya, a male aged 16 years, Salifyanji Simwinga, a male aged 20 years, Mathews Chisha, a male aged 20 years, William Mushota, a male aged 22 years and Ezra Simusokwe, a male aged 23 years all of Chiwempala Area in Chingola for trafficking in suspected heroine and loose cannabis.The Commission has also arrested Micheal Katilo, a male aged 22 of Nsofu Area in Chililabombwe for trafficking in 8 strips of suspected diazepam and 30 grams of loose cannabis,” he said.

Mr. Kamanga added:”In Muchinga Province, the Commission has jointly charged and arrested Kelvin Mwila, a male aged 32 years, Ellisa Kanyanyamina, a male aged 42 years and Mathews Mulenga, a male aged 22 years, all of Mpika District for trafficking in 2.5 Kilograms of loose cannabis.In Central Province, the Commission has arrested Kennedy Simumba, a male aged 35 years of Itala Compound in Mkushi District for trafficking in 2.16 Kilograms of loose cannabis.”

He said a the suspects are currently in police custody and will appear in court soon.

“In Luapula Province, the Commission has jointly charged and arrested Happy Chilabi, a male aged 39 years of Muselempe village and Gabriel Musonda, a male aged 40 of Chungwe village, of Samfya district for unlawful cultivation of 20.5 kilograms of fresh cannabis plants.In a separate incident, the Commission has arrested Evans Chimese, a male aged 38 years, of Chungwe village in Samfya District for trafficking in 15.5 kilograms of dry loose Cannabis that was found in his house.
Further, the Commission has arrested Felix Sondashi, a male aged 25 years, of Kabuta village, in Mansa District for trafficking in 1.83 kilograms of dry loose cannabis.The Mansa office has also arrested Richard Chalwe, a male aged 40 years, of Mutendere valley view in Lusaka, for trafficking in 47 grams of high grade dry loose cannabis,” Mr. Kamanga concluded.


  1. Meanwhile the real traffickers are driving the most expensive cars and building the most expensive mansions in New Kasama and Kitwe West

  2. Every day under upnd we have various cases of people breaking the law. This is a clear sign of how hard life has become under incompetent upnd.

  3. I thought cannabis was legalized and ZNS was going to put up farms for export of the same. What happened???

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