Saturday, February 24, 2024

CLARION CALL: Fred M’membe calls on People to Join Booths Removal Protest


By Fred M’membe President of the Socialist Party

How can they remove mobile money booths in Lusaka without giving notice to their owners?

And these are small business people from whom levies used to be collected! Booths which were acquired at a cost of not less than K7,000 are being taken away without compensation! How are these poor and struggling people going to survive?

The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Gary Nkombo, says the removal of mobile money booths in the Central Business District has been done to bring sanity and not because of the African Union summit as insinuated. Clearly, what we have today as political leaders of our country are heartless people displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration. These are cruel people wilfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it.

Good leaders must be interested in the welfare of those in distress. We must expect them to be concerned with the increasing gap between those who have and those who do not have. We expect them to feel the distress of many who have a big problem about the cost of goods, medicine, with the tragedy of unemployment, of youth, of serious problems with transport, public and personal security, and many other important concerns where we are all involved. We need people of courage who will defend the truth and demand justice for the poor and others struggling to make ends meet.

Virtue must be nourished but vice springs up spontaneously like weeds and grows by itself. We must bear that in mind. If we do otherwise, while nourishing virtue we are simultaneously paving way for vice. That is a reality and we mustn’t lose sight of it.

We support the decision of the Socialist Youth League to closely work with the owners of the mobile money booths and protest at the International Conference Centre. This protest deserves the support all us. We make a clarion call to all of you to join this protest.

Let’s not forget that this country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless it’s a good place for all of us to live in.


  1. Clarion call my foot! Only those 6 members of social party will turn up. Can PF organize a protest? Kaizer Zulus Twitter followers are much bigger

  2. Goodness this from a ‘socialist” who is a Capitalist….didnt want to pay taxes, works from his paper went unpaid…got hoodwinked to ‘invest’ in an airline that was sinking 2m $ …was party to a scheme to cause grz through dbz to bail him out of the ‘loan’ with his fat desk law wana be dpp…ensured he made MCS give jobs to his once upon a time workers. when he tested power,,,had LPM in his pocket so he was a king…..sole shamwali you on your own

  3. Ok, I don’t usually support Fred M’membe but apa peve ba Gary Nkombo baita!! It’s like this man never learns on how to treat poor people. First it was Kachasu, now it is mobile money booths. How many poor youths without jobs have had their livelihood upended by this recklessness by the minister. HH has to drop or move Nkombo to another ministry. Him alone is contributing to the downfall of UPND and erosion of its popularity. A wrong is a wrong, no two ways about it…

  4. Socialist my foot !! when did Fred become a socialist mwebantu ????
    One of the first people in Zambia to buy a Mercedes S600 limo,black in colour,first American made Hummer SUV,shamelessly paid himself a monthly salary of USD 110,000 from a struggling Post newspaper and today is masquerading as a socialist !!

    Zambians unfortunately know Fred very well…they vividly remember how he captured the Sata government and even stopped paying taxes because he believed Sata owed him for “bringing him to power”

    I know the frustration of most of tuma presidents of political parties…the fact that Bally and UPND will be in power for 10 years atleast scares the hell out of them !!

  5. People should not be deceived by tuma fake politicians like these.
    Hon. Nkombo has already stated that the whole process of relocating booths has been done in full consultation with the Association Booth Owners… so what is the problem ????
    No sane government can allow indiscriminate erection of booths,then where is the law??? so you are supporting lawlessness ???

  6. We will be there. We are on the ground strategically planning for this historical event. Enough is enough. Kuyabebele upnd

  7. Fred M’membe is a pseudo socialist with deep admiration for capitalism. He had managed to contribute to the removal of previous presidents. Only to bring the corrupt regimes of Chiluba and the likes. He is indirectly one of the contributing factors to the present creation of ghost towns and hunger on the Copperbelt. Allowing such master of manipulations and unfounded rhetorics will end in the whole Zambia becoming a ghost town. This socialist of now is in fact a millionair.

  8. Really laughable…this guy is fraud just like the chaps joining him from Pay Foward (PF) like Paul Moonga, Frank Bwalya etc. Let the Networks invest in better safer alternatives than booths get Filling Stations and Independent shops involved.

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