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Lameck Mangani advises people in Eastern Province to embrace change


Former Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Lameck Mangani has advised people in Eastern Province to embrace the change of government following the last August 12 elections.

Speaking during the Political Hour radio program on Breeze FM over the weekend, Mr Mangani urged Easterners not to continue mourning the PF loss but support the current administration led by President Hakainde Hichilema as they were given the mandate by the people of Zambia.

He said the province risks losing out on development opportunities if they mourn the PF loss for too long.

He said after the 1991 elections, the Eastern province lagged behind in terms of development because people could not move on after the then-ruling United Nations Independence Party (UNIP) lost to the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

“After the 1991 elections, Eastern lagged behind in terms of development as we mourned the loss of UNIP for too long. There is no need to be antagonistic but find a good formula of engaging the government if we were to witness development in our region. Most of our road infrastructure is in a bad state”, he said.

Mr Mangani, who was also a former Home Affairs Minister, said people from the region should find an amicable formula of engaging the government if they are to witness development rather than being antagonistic as there is no need to cry over spilt milk.

Meanwhile, a caller, Allan Lungu, said the lack of coordination among the elected leaders in Chipata Central constituency is retarding development in the area.

Mr Lungu said it was sad to note that certain Councillors do not want certain things to move just because they belong to the opposition political party, which should not be the case as time for politicking ended on August 12th last year.

‘’That shouldn’t be the case as time for politicking ended on August 12 hence the need for our leaders to work as a team and not in isolation regardless of political affiliation,’’ he said


  1. Expired politician…. part of the PF criminal enterprise that left our beloved country in a mess…..enjoy your retirement Sir…People dont actually miss the PF for your info…..we consigned it to Zambia’s political dustbin in August last year…. Great people of ZED….

  2. This chameleon…
    What channel is he talking about? Upnd is a Zambian party composed of Zambians… so there’s no change. We’re not under foreign Invaders. He’s broke.

  3. Big man respect yourself, stop talking nonsense . If you want the job go and ask for a job than mention people from Eastern. We know what you are doing by now, if you continue we will expose you the job you are doing right now.

  4. Aba ba bwana is still around? it is good to remind people that you are still alive bwana! it is not true that eastern province is mourning pf loss and it is not true that development will only come after they stop mourning. Eastern province did not vote for pf overwelmingly. if pf was not the favorite how come they are mourning. Let us seek attention in sober manner and not hullucination. If anything eastern province do not miss pf. they have moved on and only bo mangani is missing pf especially the brown fimofimo. kosa shikulu!

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