Thursday, June 13, 2024

Kitwe Council to demolish illegal structures


Kitwe Town Clerk Patrick Kambita has warned people that are putting up structures along the rail line in Kitwe’s Mukuba Natwange area to halt their constructions or risk losing their investment.

Mr. Kambita said the plots being allocated along the rail line are illegal and that the council will not legalize any structure that has been built there or any other unlawfully acquired pieces of land.

He urged people that have bought land in an illegal manner to claim their money back because such pieces of land will not be regularized by the council.

He also warned council officials that are involved in illegal land allocation that the law will soon visit them.

He further warned members of the public that get letters of offer directly from the Ministry of Land that the local authority will not also recognize those documents as long as the council is not involved.

Speaking when he toured Mukuba Natwange area in Ndeke where unscrupulous people claiming to be council employees are allocating land to unsuspecting members of the public, Mr. Kambita said the land allocations along the rail line are illegal and that the council will not compensate anyone building in unauthorized areas.

He said the law stipulates that structures should not be put up within 50 meters from the rail line.

“We are at a point where the council is witnessing illegal allocation of land that we have  never witnessed in many years and the council has now resolved to move in and bring sanity to Kitwe, it’s new dawn so we need to start doing things in a proper manner, we have people that are masquerading as council officials or planners when in
fact they are not,” Mr. Kambita charged.

He urged members of the public to be on the look-out for such council officials involved in illegal land allocation and report them.

In addition, Kitwe District Commissioner Lawrence Mwanza has warned that government will not tolerate the illegal land allocation schemes.

And a resident of Mukuba Natwange area Sunday Nyirenda appealed to the council to act before structures are completed so that people don’t  waste money.


  1. All illegal structures must be demolished wherever they are in the whole country that’s when people will learn not to start building without proper papers.

  2. These things never used to happen in colonial times because the natives feared and obeyed the masters. The moment we saw fellow blacks ruling us we started disobeying good laws. The people we elected to lead us also were unprepared and therefore unqualified so they had no reference for k supervising what they had taken over.

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