Friday, February 23, 2024

Cuba calls for Unity of purpose among African countries


The 41st ordinary session of the African Union -AU- Executive Council has opened in Lusaka with a call for unity of purpose among African countries towards the advancement of economic growth.

Chargé d’ Affairs for the embassy of the republic of Cuba in Zambia Milens Caridad Zaldivar Piedra said unity of efforts among African countries is cardinal to address and strengthen food security on the continent.

Speaking  in an interview on the sidelines of the session in Lusaka, Ms. Piedra echoed the need to reinforce and enhance the unity of Africa.

Ms.  Piedra acknowledged that when there is unity of purpose economic advancement becomes easy.

She also noted that the level of speeches during the opening session of the Summit gives hope to Africa adding that issues regarding food security and self-reliance on African resources should be addressed adequately.

Ms Piedra who is an observer at the ongoing AU Summit highlighted that with the theme centering on food production and nutrition, it is paramount for African countries to produce enough food for themselves.

“As long as African countries have decided to get together and work in harmony it will be easier to gain what the union and the whole of Africa desires,” she said.

Meanwhile Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa said he is expecting that the AU summit will address issues of trade integration among African countries.

Mr. Sampa who is also chairperson for the Audit Committee for the Pan African Parliament explained the need for fair trade across the African continent.

He expressed optimism that effective facilitation of trade will be tabled effectively during the Summit and that leaders will ensure barriers that hinder African countries from freely trading goods produced in Africa are addressed.

Zambia is hosting the 42st Ordinary Session of the African Union and the 4th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting of the AU and Regional Economic Communities (RECS) under the theme “Strengthening Resilience in Nutrition and Food Security on the African continent.


  1. There’s unity of purpose among African leadership. They are all united in their pursuit of their national wealth which effort the capitalist West is assisting

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