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Take advantage of the 4th African Union (AU) Mid-Year Coordination Summit, Zambians urged


A Social Economist Kelvin Chanda has advised Zambians to take advantage of the 4th African Union (AU) Mid-Year Coordination Summit which serves as a great investment vehicle to enhance the country’s economic structure.

Mr Chanda said the AU Summit is an opportunity especially in the tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture sectors which should be taken as a well-cultured and ringfenced opportunity which is right at our door.

He added that the AU Summit basically needs every Zambian to capitalise strongly on the economic gains that can be made out of this vast continental mid-year meeting which has been centred and themed on “Building resilience in nutrition and food security on the African continent”

“This AU Summit starts on the 14th to 17th of July 2022,” he said

Mr Chanda noted that this particular meeting presents a tremendous opportunity to tap into the continental business and investment interlinked food demand-supply connections.

He further noted that the meeting is attracting a number of Heads of State within Africa, various government officials and other continental stakeholders that mean well to the well-being of Zambia’s economy.

Mr Chanda highlighted that the AU Summit gives the country chance to have a lot of collaborative ties with stakeholders within the African continent, even more at a point of trying to champion the African Continental Free Trade Area which is one of the biggest issues on the operatives for the African interlinked supply chain.

He said that the AU Summit should make Zambia open up tourism in a great way especially after the COVID-19 period, where this important sector almost closed up during the hot times of the global viral pandemic.

“We need to see how this key continental forum can boomerang into something really big in anticipation, as it is such an important meeting that should make sone substantial capital gains for Zambia,” he said

Mr Chanda said that the country needs to make proper utilisation of the continental bloc meeting by ensuring that the full-scale potentials and values of hosting the AU Summit are economically felt before, during and after the Summit.

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