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World Bank to support Zambia

Economy World Bank to support Zambia

The government says it plans to create a fund to support innovation and enterprise in the country with the support of the World Bank.

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati said the World Bank has been Zambia’s partner in the development and disclosed that Zambia and the World Bank have agreed to work together in the areas of innovation and enterprises and smart schooling.

“As a matter of urgency we settled on things that we can work in cooperation with the Bank and the two areas that we have prioritized among the many that we have is that we are going to focus on innovation and enterprise. Working with the Bank ultimately creating a fund that will support innovation and enterprise and the second area that we have prioritized are smart schools” he disclosed.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mutati was speaking when visiting World Bank Vice President for Eastern and Southern Africa Victoria Kwakwa paid a courtesy call on him today.

Ms Kwakwa said the World Bank is delighted to partner with the government of Zambia as they implement transformative changes for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

Dr. Kwakwa said technology is the key driver to transformation and innovation.

“As the Minister has mentioned the conversation has been essentially about how to use ICT to spur the transformative changes that the government wants to bring to the economy and society of Zambia and we all realize that across the world technology has been the driver of transformation, the driver of innovation, helping to create jobs, helping to improve welfare and uplift people ,”she said.

Dr. Kwakwa is in the country on a familiarization tour of the Country since her assuming office earlier this month.


  1. Pareto principle 80/20 rule, 80% of Population want to get funding from the World Bank and IMF for the 20% of the population and that 20% is political parties and their affiliation.

    If you’re not troubled by this article that’s the ground World Bank and IMF is going to use to lend GRZ. Wait until AI Writes a research paper about this deal, then Will cry foul.

    “The government says it plans to create a fund to support innovation and enterprise in the country with the support of the World Bank.”-LT

    GRZ what’s going on?

  2. @Chibwe: You are a typical PF cadre and from the PF chipantempante methods of governance, So im afraid there is nothing for you here that you are going to understand, even if a fly flew over your nose, you wud still argue to say nothing flew by. So, go away, you are not welcome to comment on UPND government matters. tsek!

  3. what is wrong here its our government cant do anything without involving the so called WORLD BANK , its every thing has to be approved by the world bank sure even just to create a fund to support innovation and enterprise in the country the world bank has to came in. this is umusabanya at its highest level.

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