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30,496 teachers have been recruited and names of the successful applicants to be published today


30,496 teachers have been recruited and names of the successful applicants to be published today Friday 15th July, 2022 across credible print and electronic media, says Minister of Education Douglas Siakalima.

Mr Siakalima noted that the recruitment of 30,000 teachers with an addition of 496 teachers has been done in line with the staffing needs analysis of teachers and the funds appropriated to this recruitment.

He added that the government has allocated additional resources for the recruitment of more teachers selected from the 1877 candidates that are already in the database.

Mr SiakaIima reaffirmed that recruitment of these teachers is a fulfilment to the commitment made by the new dawn government to improving access to quality education through the provision of free education and ensuring acceptable teacher pupil ratio.

“I am aware that members of the public have been anxiously waiting for the conclusion of the unprecedented recruitment of the 30,000 teachers,” he said

He mentioned that the selected teachers will collect their appointment letters from the District Board Secretaries across the country, thereafter recruited teachers are expected to complete processing the appointment documents in readiness to report for duty as schools open for the third term.

Mr Siakalima explained that of the 30,496 teachers recruited, 2,056 are for early childhood education, 25,736 have been assigned to primary education and 2,694 will be posted to secondary schools across the country, and less than 1% are will be over 45 years old in September 2022, implying that over all the teachers recruited are relatively youths and 196 are teachers living with disability.

“In terms of sex segregation 59% females and 41% male of the 30,496 teachers recruited,” he said

He highlighted that the during the official opening of the first session of the 13th National Assembly, President Hakainde Hichilema made a pronouncement that the UPND government will recruit 30,000 teachers, this pronouncement was in line with the party manifesto and the vision of the Ministry of Education of providing accessible, inclusive, and quality education that is relevant to the need of an individual, nation and world at large.

“My office understands the anxiety that has brought to the public because this has never been done before in our country, there has never been a government that has recruited 30,000 teachers at once,” he said

He added that in order to actualise the Presidential pronouncement, the Ministry of Finance and National Development allocated 1,594,876,000 Kwacha in the 2022 National Budget.

Mr Siakalima mentioned that the Teaching Service Commission proceeded with the setup of human resource committees in all the 116 Districts in the country, which were made to recruit the teachers in their respective Districts in accordance with the Service Commission Act No. 10 of 2016, this was done to ensure that all citizens qualified are given an equal and fair opportunity of getting employed irrespective of their geographical location.

He added that all the District Human Resource Management Committees shortlisted all the suitable candidates according to the needs of the districts and submitted them to the Provincial Human Resource Management Committees for various validation and consolidation.

Henceforth, the Provincial Human Resource Management Committees in turn submitted to the Teaching Service Commission for the technical committee at national level to subsequently undertake the national consolidation and verification.

Mr Siakalima said respective District Commissioners played an oversight role throughout the recruitment process, to enhance accountability, transparency and credibility of the process, the office of the President Special Division, Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Anti-Corruption Commission monitored the process at district, provincial and national levels.

“I am glad to mention that all the Human resource committees in all the 116 districts executed their duties diligently in processing a total of 100,877 applications,” he said


  1. Anyone can go on microsoft word and draft a contract and recruit millions of people. That, however, doesn’t mean that those recruited will earn an income or even get paid in line with the contract. Watch and see what happens.

  2. Ba 1.8 learn to appreciate the effort your collegue are putting in when in your tenure the worst you did excellent was brutalizing the people of Zambia ??

  3. What was the criteria that was used to recruit these teachers? My wife graduated at the age of 30 years in 2016 but she is not selected and yet some people I know who graduated in 2019 and 2020 have been selected. She is now 37 years after waiting for 7 years. Maybe the time she is employed she will be 45 years and someone will come and tell us that we can not employee those above 45 years. This is the worst mockery and an insult. Have mercy dear Lord.

  4. I think you have done a great part because as for now in every governmental school they will be having healthy leaning with will bring development in country Zambia. To those who have founded them selves on the list of those who have been picked I am assuring you that it is not by your intelligence but it is the will of God. Do that work which you have been offered many applied and many are not pick rule on your nells and remember God to be the doer I wish you all the best

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