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President HH confers highest national award to Obasanjo, Sirleaf, Bai Koroma as Sishuwa condemns the move


President Hakainde Hichilema on Thursday conferred ‘The Order of The Eagle of Zambia’ 1st Division, to former President of Liberia Sirleaf Johnson, Former President of the Republic of Liberia, Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo,, and Former President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma.

According to a Government Gazette No.1067 of 2022 signed by the Acting Secretary of the Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa, President Hichilema held a special investiture ceremony to honour the three former leaders.

According to the Gazette, “the Presidential Honours and Awards (Conferment) Notice, 2022. It is notified for public information that in exercise of the powers contained in Article 92 (2)(g) of the Constitution of Zambia, the President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, will, at the Special investiture ceremony to be held on 14th July, 2022, confer Honours and Awards specified in the schedule on the persons named in the schedule.

“The Order of the Eagle of Zambia 1st Div – Olusegun Obasanjo – Nigeria, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson – Liberia, Ernest Bai Koroma – Sierra Leone.”

President Hichilema said the former Heads of State were honored for their contribution to the growth of democracy.

He said the three leaders have distinguished themselves in their own countries, on the African Continent and beyond, for their unrelenting efforts to establish and promote democracy and good governance, as a prercusor to improving livelihoods of their people and other Africans.

Reacting on behalf of awardees, Obasanjo said the honour would serve as encouragement to do more for the continent.

“On behalf of the awardees, I wish to thank you for the honour done us.

“We take this honour as encouragement to do more. Whatever we have done for Africa and for humanity to make you honour us, we assure you we will do more.”

But the decision to award the trio has been widely condemned by Political Analyst Sishuwa Sishuwa.

Dr Sishuwa described the move to award the three leaders as an act of corruption.

“The President of Zambia is once again abusing state office to reward his cronies. Having previously conferred State medals on UPND cadres, he is now doing the same for three of his foreign backers from the Brenthurst Foundation led by Greg Mills. This is a form of corruption,” Dr Sishuwa said.

He added, “I wish the president was as committed to Zambia as he is to the interests of the Brenthurst Foundation! He has the right to reward his friends but he should not do it using state resources.”


  1. I agree with Sishuwa because HH has only picked those aligned to his sponsors the Brenthurst Foundation. President Jakaya Kikwete also played an important role during the transition from PF to UPND. We must institutionalize such awards so that they aren’t at whim of a single person. The President’s actions must vetted. Unfortunately our set up vests all powers in one person. Our constitutional reforms have been one sided and usually take the political patronage side at the expense of governance. If we have a lunatic in State House then the whole country is doomed! Constitutional lawyers like Ludwig Sondashi’s submissions on governance are ignored yet they make a lot of sense when you deeply reflect on them. Politicians’ narrow interests have taken Zambia backwards

  2. He’s delivering on his promises…no surprise here. Obasanjo the ugliest woman that I have ever seen.

  3. Such honors should be done by the African Union if these individuals have distinguished themselves in their countries, AU should have been intimated to honor them. But you and me know that the president is rewarding them for being Board of Directors in Brenthurst Foundation, the organisation that funded UPND whilst in opposition.
    Surprisingly Bally has thrown all caution to the wind by doing the illegal gesture openly. STATE CAPTURE!!
    Nipano Tuli..

  4. When I tell you that this guy is a f00I you think I am joking. See for yourselves. This hh only became president by fluke. He is a clueless disaster

  5. Bai Koroma sent his police to kill innocent citizens. Koroma oppressed the press during his two terms as president of Sierra Leone. Now tell me is that how democracy is promoted?

  6. I have always said we have a fraud in State House. The things he does are mind-boggling.

  7. the African Union ( community ) has not seen their works but our visionary one has seen okay, i think its high time these people start concentrating on what was promised to the zambians, this business of playing to the garally should came to an end . is their any benefits zambians will get from this awarding of highest national award. well it looks new to me

  8. Thanks president HH for honoring these deserving leaders. The Bible says give honour to those whom honour is due. Really, really appreciated. Actually that was my prayer for Olusegun Obasanjo. How I wished he was even made into an honorary citizen of Zambia. I love Obasanjo. Don’t be deterred by time wasters like Mmembe, Sishuwa and that louder mouthed PF carder Mwamba who rigged the 2015 and 2016 elections. The LORD bless our president HH.

  9. I believe and trust in HH and UPND but I should be quick to say this is not the time to honour people, this is the time to sort out the economy. Honouring and all these fancy things are not a priority and don’t help the struggling Zambian in any way, they can wait

  10. Yes – Dr Sichuwa has some pointers. This is what happens when you find yourself with: one foot in the grave, while the second foot that is supposed to anchor you is stepped onto the slippery banana peel. The new kid-on-the-block called HH is trying too much to find self-significance .

    On another point of order, HH needs to move into Nkwazi House and simply the presidential-logistical-structure, which on the current arrangement limits his advisors to be with him in so many dimensions. He is being aloof & stand-offish very unnecessarily .

  11. Sishuwa Sishuwa what leadership role have you played in Africa apart from making noise on social media. The backgrounds of the recognized African leaders speaks for itself.
    Olusegun Obasanjo was the former Nigerian Military ruler who returned power to civilian rule.He has been heading delegations of African Union election observers
    Sirleaf Johnson was the first ever elected female head of state in Africa. During her presidency , Liberians experienced 12 years of peace after over a decade of brutal civil war which killed around 200,000 people.
    Bai Koroma was the fourth President of Sierra Leone . He is famous for signing into law an Anti-Corruption Bill of 2008 which makes it compulsory for the president and other government officials to publicly declare their assets and update…

  12. When we say this man is a conman some quarters underplay this fitting statement. All indications and actions confirm that the man is shallow and uses national resources for self gratification. He is likely to offset this towards his salary. But whether this is legal it is another matter.

  13. Ba Sishuwa Sishuwa,we dont mind you enjoying your new found freedom to criticise everything Bally and UPND do,it is your right…nobody will take it away from you….. I just wish you had spoken out as loudly during the 10 years of PF when Zambia was trashed by the PF,Zambia was looted,citizens gassed in their homes as they slept,opposition parties were banned from holding any rallies of any kind,innocent Zambians were gunned down in cold blood….. this is the reality….now peace and order has returned to our country and for all citizens regardless of their ethnic or political affiliations.It would be fair if you acknowledged these facts too.

    • Shishuwa spoke out even during the previous regime. Why are you Upnd members full of lies? You not even ashamed to come on this forum to claim that the man was quiet during Lungu’s time.

    • New found freedom? Sishuwa has done what he used to do when Lungu was in power. He fought for this freedom. UPND cant claim to have given him this freedom

  14. ‘But the decision to award the trio has been widely condemned by Political Analyst Sishuwa Sishuwa.’

    LT you should rephrase this statement.
    Two or three people commenting should not be construed as ‘WIDELY.’

    • Kikikikiki widely condemned by Sishuwa. The comedy we used to watch in Zambia in the 8os had a charcater who kept saying Iam unanimous in my decision

  15. @16 TIKKI
    Am glad you’ve acknowledged that HH is a fooool…..thats good news coming from a praise singer chief Lumbani Madoda like you

  16. Kaizar Zulu is a big crying child. Let the women that he had been beating recommend him to HH for honor medals. I m sure he will proudly go an show those medals to his former psychiater.

    • Sam you sound very upset and emotional. Is your wlfe one of the many wh0res that attended my various boat parties. If my boys effed her that is not my problem..continue eating left overs

  17. Exactly my brother Kaizar Zulu. I will write to HH to honor you for beating women and for reporting them to the police after beating then. Also for torturing the same police after you caused accidents under your influence of drugs and alcohol. Be proud that you are living in such a country my friend. A country where You can be so free to insult and assault others and get away with it.

  18. Yes HH is far better than that thief Edgar Lungu who put Zambia into intensive care ward economically.

  19. The three ex presidents led their countries from war/ near war situations to fully fledged democracies. They did their terms and left / they did not go for corrupted third terms. The countries are at piece now! True children of Africa! They deserve the accolades. By the way forget about socialism. It’s a failed ideology. The only one remaining is Cuba. See the poverty there.

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