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ECOSOCC challenges Africa to work as team


The Economic, Social and  Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) says a lot of efforts still need to be made to achieve the free movement of people, goods and services across Africa.

Speaking during the official launch of the policy booklet on the Migration Policy Framework for Africa (MPFA) and the 2022 Young Africans Writing contest (YAWC) last evening at Radisson Blu Hotel, ECOSOCC Head of Secretariat, William Carew said people in Africa still need to obtain VISAs to move to other countries within the continent which hinders the actualization of continental integration which is one of the aspirations of Agenda 2063.

Mr. Carew noted that continental integration especially the free movement of people, goods and services in Africa should be prioritized by all stakeholders in the continent because it presents various development opportunities which is a positive benefit of migration.

He said the free migration policy for Africa was formulated because there was need to enable people to freely move across Africa and to also strengthen inter regional cooperation on matters concerning migration on the basis of established migration processes

Mr. Carew said the policy booklet on the Migration Policy Framework for Africa (MFPA) and its implementation framework was formulated to popularize the framework’s Action plan 2018-2030 as well as the African Union’s free movement protocol within the African civil society movement.

He further thanked GIZ and other stakeholders who have contributed towards the formulation of the Migration Policy for Africa Booklet.

Meanwhile, ECOSSOC Presiding Officer, Denise Khode implored young people in the continent to use their writing skills to voice out their concerns on issues affecting the continent.

Mr. Khode implored young African writers especially those who are contesting for the second edition of the YAWC to write more about the challenges facing migrants.

He also urged parents to encourage their children to take up writing as a skill for them to positively contribute towards building the African continent.

And winner of the first edition of YAWC, Daniela Odong says the story writing gives young people a platform to use their writing skills to voice out their concerns on various issues affecting Africa.

Ms. Odong said stories can revolutionalise change for the continent’s future hence the need to prioritize listening to young voices and their stories.

“Tell your stories, speak, write and advocate. Your stories are change in words that are in waiting,” Ms. Daniela said.

She further urged young African writers to use their stories to inspire change in any way they possibly can.


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