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President Hichilema is Serving the interests of capitalist movements-Frank Bwalya


Former High Commissioner to Australia and New Zealand, Frank Bwalya, has accused President Hakainde Hichilema of serving interests of capitalist movements such as the Brenthurst Foundation at the expense of Zambians.

Mr. Bwalya who was recently recalled from the foreign mission where he served under the Patriotic Front government says the Brenthurst foundation is a capitalist movement that has allegedly developed a system to put puppet leadership in countries including Zambia.

Speaking on Friday’s edition of let the people talk programme, Mr. Bwalya has also taken a swipe at the new dawn administration for allowing the setting up of a United States Africa Command-USAFRICOM– office saying this move is a preliminary to setting up of a base and Zambia inheriting the American foreign policy.

He is urging government to remain none aligned by working with the united states government, china and other nations as opposed to inheriting America’s policies which he argues, may not be in the best interest of Zambians.

But Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya says President Hichilema is not answerable to anyone else part from the Zambian people who voted him into power hence the ongoing developments such as the enhanced constituency development fund, massive recruitment of teachers, health workers and payments to retirees among other issues of interest to citizens.


  1. You introduce them as former Ambassdor but you leave the part where he has joined the Socialis Party of Me’embe. If you just say former Ambassdor who make him look like a respectable Statesman…these are the products of Lazy Lungu’s appointments sending cadres abroad who comeback to make noise because they are not season civil servants but hungry cadres who need to be fed to survive. Can you imagine that Elias Munshya a lawyer has moved to Oz to replace this man…too many jobseekers in this world.

  2. Tell us the practical things you are going to come and do if elected into government, stop hiding behind an ideology, show us your tangible plans please

  3. No plan, the message is just we are a socialist party. So? WHAT IS YOUR GAME PLAN TO SORT OUT THE ECONOMY?

    • They dont know what socialism is all about including Fred who thinks posing in front of Che and Castrol picture portraits makes him one. Look at them even Paul Moonga running away from PF because there is nothing to eat anymore from taxpayers.

  4. I think history clearly has shown that a predominantly capitalist economic model is the best for progress.
    Marxism is a complete failure of an economic model as has been demonstrated in several countries…..
    So please Mr. Bwalya don’t pour out words without knowledge. Repeating the same old stale slogans from the 80s.

  5. As an introduction , why doesn’t bwalya state what positive things he done for the benefit of zambia while in Australia ????

    He cant , because he done nothing, absolutely nothing , zero , nada……..

    Australia is a rich country, what waisted opportunity for zambia.

    Ambassadors who from the lungu regime who atleast tried was the woman in India, and Anthony in Germany…..

    • That woman in India was just a noise maker just like that boy Anthony in Germany…that lady couldnt even bring back students from India before the pandemic broke out….she was issuing statements about prospective Indian investors which amounted to nothing as an Ambassdor all you need is someone in the media to publish your stories like Anthony and people will say s/he is working.

  6. What we want to hear from you is how you are challenging government that the 30,000 teachers out of over 100,000 un employed teachers employed is not enough as you have just employed a minority number. What is the plan of the over 70,000 teachers who are remain un employed, are you considering a monthly benefit of the unemployed teacher of K1000 or K2000, are you talking to countries with teacher shortage for possible export, are you considering turning some teachers into agriculture extension officers through retraining. Don’t celebrate the employment of 30,000 teachers when the majority remain unemployed, not even half have been employed. The only good thing is that UPND has done better in teacher recruitment than its predecessors but they must still be questions

    • I think you raise important issues that we should be debating. I appreciate this angle you have brought. I like the idea of teacher export. In about 2009 we exported miners to Australia, about 500 went and have become citizens there. The same model can be done for teachers if someone wants them. On the other hand let us give credit to the government as they have shown intent in the midst of tough economic stress. I think if we all do our part, paying taxes and avoiding corruption, the government can take us far

    • Those are things bwalya should be boasting about having organised while ambassador in Australia.

      Increase in student sponsorships, finding employment gor unemployed zambian professionals to work in Australia…………

      But nothing , all he could show was wedding photos……..

  7. Of course he is serving capitalist interest because those gay organisations supported him in many ways. He wouldn’t be in power without them. So now he has to pay them even if it means hh: bending his backside for them or hh suckinh their gay p.e.n.i.s or hh offering his wife to get chewed by the funders. Some of these have already happened

  8. Those are things bwalya should be boasting about having organised while ambassador in Australia.

    Increase in students, finding employment for unemployed zambian professionals to work in Australia…………

    But nothing , all he could show was wedding photos……..

  9. This is what happens when you send a village goat to the embassy. This man was in Oz for almost 5 years and he has not brought back anything in terms of innovative thinking …all he wants to do is raise red flags until they give him a job on a govt company board like Zamtel or Zesco. His wife will soon run away from him now as he has nothing to offer her…before he could hide in embassy mansion and cars in Oz,

  10. The most useless politician in zambia……

    Mr do or die zambia……..

    Sacrificing chickens in front of crowds………

    Pulling out red cards to ride people’s suffering ………..

    Even Lusambo is better than this one……….

  11. He was on radio saying socialism means sharing food, but does that change our fortunes as Zambia, you have still not told us what you are going to do if elected except praising socialism and saying you are a socialist party. We are NOT going to vote for an ideology. Forget it

  12. There is nothing wrong with being Capitalist. You remain socialist of you want and fight to win elections and bring socialism to Zambia. It is your democratic right. If UPND is Capitalist, it is also their democratic right.

  13. Name any country whose economy is booming because of pursuing socialist policies. Countries like Russia, Cuba, Venuezela (sp) are all basket cases. China is now the second largest economy after the USA because of pursuing a mixed economy and according to one of its leaders “it does not matter whether the cat is black or white so long as it catches mice, i.e. communism or capitalism so long as it brings money to the table. Huawei is the largest electronics company in the world but it is a privately owned enterprise in the midst of communist China which would have been unheard of in the China of Chairman Mao.

  14. Um not this one. I heard when the man was in Australia, he was asking ordinary Zambians living there to pay for his travel and accommodation expenses when visiting them in their states, arguing the embassy had no money. Likely he was pocketing all the money. He was also h€ll bent on asking for Zambians there to give him their private personal information so he could establish a database… this was used as weapon & condition to offer any embassy assistance.
    He absolutely did nothing for the country or Zambians in Aus and NZ.
    I agree with Tarino Orange above that Mmembe thinks he is a Socialist merely by posing for photos in front of Fidel Castro’s portraits. I mean what kind of a Socialist who refuses to pay taxes when the entire essence of Socialism is to redistribute resources via…

  15. …I mean what kind of a Socialist who refuses to pay taxes when the entire essence of Socialism is to redistribute resources via public tax system. What a hypocrite, just like many of them!

  16. Am disappointed with the majority comments jst attacking Frank Bwalya personally instead of being to the subject. Frank Bwalya is right, Zambians who are on top of their voice speaks or supports wrongly leaders in power even if they’re making mistakes. Let’s recall back on FTJ, jst bcos he ws sweet talker ad in power, the mistakes he made ws rosy, today Zambia is in a messy ad same with HH, he’s a one man commando, he’s running the country alone bt only listening to whites only.

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