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AU challenges member states to produce own food


The African Union (AU) has called on member states to start producing fertilizer and farming inputs on the continent as opposed on relying on countries like Russia.

AU Chairperson Macky Sall says the African continent will continue to struggle in the area of food security if it still relies on importation of fertilizer from Europe.

Speaking at the official opening of the 4th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting in Lusaka today, Mr Sall who is also Senegalese President says being able to produce farming inputs is more important than importing grains and cereal from Russia.

The AU Chairperson said it is high time the African continent start producing farming inputs for the development of the citizenry.

And Mr Sall added that Africans should change their eating habits by embracing more of locally produced food.

He said Africa has abundant resources and as such, should never struggle with food insecurity.

He said the continent has enough resources to feed the outside world beyond Africa’s borders.

And Mr Sall observed that Africa’s food security has greatly suffered the effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict as that part of the world is the main source for Africa’s grains and cereal.

He said this is the reason why he held talks with Russian President, Vladimir Putin recently to find solutions to the shocks Africa has been experiencing due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The AU Chairperson also emphasized on the need for the continent to have robust infrastructure development.

The Senegalese President said partnering with the European Union would help the continent’s desire to improve on infrastructure development.

“Granting the seat to the AU within the G20 will champion Africa’s interests. It will give Africa access to various platforms of marketing,’ he said.

European Union (EU) Council President, Charles Michel
European Union (EU) Council President, Charles Michel

And European Union (EU) Council President, Charles Michel said he supports the idea of having an AU seat at the G20.

Speaking at the same event, Mr Michel said Africa and Europe are more than capable of working together and becoming a global force to be reckoned with.

He said the cooperation between the two continental giants can help collectively address Africa’s challenges such as Climate Change.

And Mr Michel said EU stands ready to support Africa’s peace and security efforts.

He echoed President Hichilema’s sentiments that peace and security and prosperity go hand-in-hand.

The EU Council President also said it is unfair for the African continent to suffer as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“The consequences of this war are felt across the world. I think it is unfair that African people are affected by this conflict. In fact, this has exploded in the face of food security and food accessibility of the world,” Mr Michel said.


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