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COMESA call for strengthened ties with NEPAD


The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretary General, Chileshe Kapwepwe says there is need for the Regional Economic Communities (REC) and other Agencies to work with New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) in resource mobilization.

COMESA Secretary General, Chileshe Kapwepwe said that it is important that the implementing agencies and Regional Economic Communities come together for the African Union AU coordinating mid-year meeting. Ms Kapwepwe said this will bring a combination of expertise from regional bodies such a COMESA, SADC and ECOWAS.

“There is need to look at the international agenda and take stock on how it is progressing and also look at how, later, we can work and collaborate as regional economies and implementing agencies and mobilize resources led by NEPAD,” she stated.

Ms Kapwepwe noted that COMESA is looking forward to a continued partnership with AUDA –NEPAD and other agencies on the African continent. She said this during the introductory event hosted by COMESA for AUDA –NEPAD Chief Executive Officer during the sidelines meeting of the AU mid-year coordinating meeting in Lusaka last night.

AUDA-NEPAD Chief Executive Officer, Nardor Thomas said there is a need for everyone to contribute toward an economic development agenda for the continent to achieve its full potential that will benefit all.

‘’The most imported aspect of our works as AUDA-NEPAD is to connect Africa and we need to lift ourselves and do more in order to make a difference as the continent, otherwise Africa faces a lot of challenges yesterday and what Africa will face tomorrow is just not enough not even for all of us working together ,” Ms Thomas stated.

Ms Thomas stated that Africans depend us regional bodies and it is the responsibility of members to work together and coordinate their efforts. She applauded the works and other impacts in the past that have led a foundation and also there are working groups on the Agenda 2063.

COMESA AND SADC Delegations at the AU


  1. Ask these people in six weeks what the purpose was of this discussion and they will have completely forgotten

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