Thursday, May 30, 2024

Regional Economic Blocs pledge to promote regional peace and security


The eight Regional Economic Blocs (RECs) and Regional Mechanisms (RMs) on the African continent have pledged to support all initiatives aimed at promoting peace and security in the region.

The RECs have also pledged to support the full implementing of the Inter Regional Knowledge Exchange (IRECKE) platform whose objectives is to provide information on early warnings and response on conflicts and structured exchange of information on conflicts among Member states.

Speaking during the pre-launch of IRECKE on the sidelines of the 4th mid-year coordination meeting between the African Union, the RECs and the RMs in Lusaka yesterday, Deputy Commissioner Chairperson, Monique Nsanzabaganwa at them Africa Union Commission (AUC) expressed concern on number of existing and emerging conflicts in the region.

Dr. Nsanzabaganwa said there is need to sharpen knowledge and efforts in building resilience and sustainable actions on all forms of conflicts on the continent.

She noted that this is why the IRECKE platform will go a long way in ensuring that the provision of early warning and structured system on how to prevent conflicts among vulnerable communities.

She said it is important that RECs and RMs make proper use of the platform to have a consolidated peace and security structures for the benefit of the people.

Commissioner for Political Affairs Peace and Security (PAPS) Chairperson, Bankole Adeoye said Africa has the responsibility to find solutions to its own problems.

Ambassador Adeoye explained that this is why issues of Member states should work together to end all forms of instability that disturbs the peace and security of the region.

He pointed out that currently some African countries are facing peace and security challenges that need concerted efforts from all member states in resolving them if the continent is to achieve its agenda on silencing guns and ending terrorisms among other problems.

He added that for Africa to attain it ambition of being a better continent there is need for respecting the rule of law and better strategies and policies in addressing issues of peace and security.

All the eight RECs were represented at the pre-launch of the platform which will be followed by the official launch tomorrow during the meeting for the Heads of State.


  1. The security of the SADC region is hinged on initially eliminating causes of political instability that negatively impact on the economic development of our respective countries. SADC leaders must reflect on why RENAMO was created to be later funded by the Brenthurst Foundation to kill many people in Mozambique. SADC must also investigate promoters of Islamic insurgents in northern Mozambique. The involvement of 3 former West African Presidents as Brenthurst Foundation Board Members is a recipe for importing West African political instability into the SADC region. This Foundation has actually planted “MOLES” in several African States – and the AU must act now or perish.

  2. We have lost great patriotic leades in southern Africa such as Robert mugabe, mc sata, we just have western gay stooges such as hh

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