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Alarming number of road accidents worry WCFB


The Workers Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFB) has expressed concern over the increased numbers of road traffic accidents (RTA’s) being recorded in the country.

WCFB Corporate Affairs and Customer Service Manager, Maybin Nkholomba says from the statistics recorded totaling 478 accidents in the first half of 2022, the road transport sector is the worst hit.

Mr. Nkholomba in an interview with the media, said the board has since decided to collaborate with the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) in rolling out a nationwide campaign to educate road users.

He said the campaign is set to roll out as soon as the two institutions sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

“We are concerned as a board on the increasing accidents being recorded in the country and the statistics call for concerted efforts with all stakeholders if numbers are to reduce, “he said.

It is ironic to learn that the road transport sector is topping the list of the sectors registering an increase in accidents beating the mining sector.

It has come to the board’s attention that the majority of accidents being recorded on roads are being attributed to engineering defects on newly constructed roads,” he lamented.

Mr.Nkholomba further disclosed the board will be engaging the engineering institute to facilitate inspection of the roads and bring to the attention of institutions responsible for road maintenance.


  1. That’s what you get with all those drivers who just BOUGHT their license. Not even 50% actually had driving lessons!

  2. What do you expect from majority drivers who never went through Parallel Parking, Hill Start, Three Point Turn, Reversing between Drums just to name a few of the driving test we of the older generation went through before acquiring a Driving License. Let us not blame the Roads, its sheer recklessness and laissez faire attitude on the part the younger generation of Drivers. There used to be more potholes on our roads than now but few accidents.

  3. I totally agree with the other bloggers,it is because of corruption….
    The advent of automatic motor vehicles in Zambia has also led to a situation where almost 50 percent of the drivers on the road are incompetent…. you find persons who have never driven long distance before,embarking on journeys from Lusaka to Ndola or Lusaka to Livingstone because they simply engaged ‘D’ in the car they believe they are capable of driving…. this is one of the main causes of these deadly accidents.

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